Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I eat these words

"Comic is going to resume Monday. (i promise :p)."


I'm so ashamed of my lateness!

There is going to be a change of plans. One of my sisters thought it would be better to back log the comic to update on one day per week instead of updating all the time during break.

What day would it be? The mighty holy Sunday I use to update my comic on.

Expect a new comic Sunday!

On a sad note, a terrible accident happened near my neighborhood.

I usually go to school using this road. All of the teenagers were from Smoky Hill High School. My high school....

Rest in peace.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Holidays!

Comic is going to resume on Monday (I promise :p)

hehe also expect to see Xiao Bao's first Christmas experience! I even bought him a stocking.

Holiday time can be a jolly time and depressing time for some.

-Wallet is empty.
-No romance for the holidays.
-Family drama.
-Loss of family.

But remember the good always comes with the bad....yes ying and yang. With all the trouble I got this year, I got Xiao Bao ^^. So I guess the main moral of the story is to get a guinea pig lol.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday my cyber friends!

Saturday, December 17, 2005


DayDream should be updated tomorrow. Hooray!
And there should be a new comic for every day up until I get back to school :D

I have a nice new profile pic. Hooray!


Cuddles with Xiao Bao. Ah life is good!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Comic suggestions

Yay! Finally off of school!

As I am getting ready to update my comic, I found this neat site thanks to reading Stan Yan's comic. It is a really awesome site that has downloadable fonts to use for comic lettering and logos. I might change the DayDream logo into something more spiffy.

I'm going to start updating soon. I already inked a couple of pages.

I'm debating on saving up to buy a Mac G4 laptop. I'm usually a PC user, but I always keep hearing Macs are for artists and it is easier for plug and play. Plus the mac is compatible with some really cool programs. My wonderful readers! give me some advice on this matter. Should I dish out the moolah?

oh and on a different many of you know I'm a huge CLAMP fan. I practically have every english release and I even bought some imported artbooks. CLAMP back in the day use to have music videos about their manga: Wish, X, and Clamp in Wonderland. I managed to have seen all of them except one....the infamous and highly unseen Clover music video. Dear god somebody found it. Thank you catsuka and ChibiYuuto. A great day in Clamp fandom lol

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hooray for winter break!

I'm at the home stretch! One week of finals then I'm free!

Which means no newspaper comic duties for the next couple of weeks....
I'll get the chance to update my comic finally! Whoo hoo! hehe I'll try to do this first instead of updating my blog like crazy. I really should have updated during Thanksgiving.

My sister is coming home from Wisconsin! Yay!

I love the holiday season. I'm not religious, but I just love the feeling and family gatherings this time of year.

Thanks everyone for your concern over the last post. I'm fine and my cast is coming off this week. The only problem is my dang trunk on my car keeps flipping open when I drive 0.o. I tried duct tape and bungee cords to shut it, but nothing seems to work. Colorado weather seems to be freezing everything except my trunk lol.

I got the Franz Ferdinand Live DVD. Pretty awesome. The best part is the backstage footage. One word: Franzypants.

Oh and I must add something comic or animation related to the end of this post.

If you haven't read "The Perry Bible Fellowship" by Nicholas Gurewitch, you're missing out on the morbid hilarity!
Click on the white figure for the comic archives.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Very Very Bad week

Sorry for the non-posting as of late, but it has been a really bad week. Now I shall complain!

Monday I woke up with a really bad cold. I can't touch the Xiao Bao. I might get him sick :(

Tuesday I got my cast. It's a walking one. While I was driving home (and no I wasn't wearing the cast while driving :p) I was rear-ended by a car going like 40 mph. My poor car is crushed in on both ends and I can't close the trunk ><. (I love you duct tape.)

I miss both of my art classes yesterday because of my neck and shoulder pain from the accident. Sadly, I can't paint lying down lol. It's getting better but it still hurts.

I wish all of this happened when finals weren't looming, but oh well.

I'm glad I got some great compliments about my life-drawings. I'm happy people enjoyed it.

Sorry Bemmie for telling you all on this blog. I haven't had time to call you :(

Enoch, keep going on your website. I know it will be very awesome when it is done. Frankly, if I were you now, I would have thrown the computer outside and set it on fire. Html frustrates me a lot.....which explains how ugly my comic website is lol.

Oh fun stuff to note.

What? Kanye West and Bill Plympton?

The best part is the end with "Animated by Bill Plympton" in huge letters lol.
Oh and check out the rest of the Flight comic's site. I love these people lol.

As well, the Aeon Flux movie is coming with Charlize Theron. For a while I thought wait a minute...did Peter Chung consent to this?
The poor guy had to let them make the movie in order for him to ever have a chance of making an animated movie. It may be a "sell out" kinda thing to do, but his work will get publicity and the series is out on box set now. I have no idea what I would have done in his situation.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Squidworks Sketchcrawl

Wow what a great time I had. We really didn't Sketchcrawl that much...mainly because I had to go to work :(

It was so much fun to meet these other artists. They all passed around portfolios and books.

Top (counterclockwise):

Tim, little Molly, and Coco were there as well, but I didn't get a picture :(

I can't wait until December 11th next meeting and Sketchcrawl.

John, I'm sorry I keep cutting you off lol. Posted by Picasa

The Squidworks crew! Posted by Picasa

Kyle, I am very envious of how beautiful your horse getting punched in the face looks lol. Posted by Picasa

Michael you have really great kitties :D Posted by Picasa

Mysterious sketching! Posted by Picasa

Life Drawing

This is the best of my drawing pad in life drawing currently. I want to warn any young viewer out there. There is nudity, nothing suggestive just nude art.

First up, is the hand project I'm working on for my final. I'll post the final result when Winter Break comes. Most of the hands are the models, but the hands with more action are mine. It's really hard to draw your hand while making the other hand perfectly still.

I've been seeing so many animators' blogs put up their life drawings that I thought I should do as well.

The drawings that look like sketches are usually one minute poses while the rendered ones can be up to an hour pose. lol I usually get done pretty quickly though. About two of those drawings filled with hands took me about 30-45 minutes during an hour pose.

I use for most of the drawings: a newpaper pad, vine charcoal, a rag, and a kneaded eraser.

I recommend anyone to find a life drawing session or class.

Too many hands!! Posted by Picasa

lots of hands Posted by Picasa

You guessed it more hands Posted by Picasa

Hand #5 Posted by Picasa

Hand #4 Posted by Picasa

Hand #3 Posted by Picasa

Hand project Posted by Picasa

Hand #2 Posted by Picasa

Rendered model then drew my hands Posted by Picasa

#6 Posted by Picasa

Minute sketches Posted by Picasa

Face not right, but I like the blocky feeling. Posted by Picasa

Lovely poses Posted by Picasa

Portrait #2 Posted by Picasa

Portrait #1 Posted by Picasa

Darn you forshortening! Posted by Picasa

Back Posted by Picasa

Back sketch Posted by Picasa

#5 Posted by Picasa

#4 Posted by Picasa