Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Very Very Bad week

Sorry for the non-posting as of late, but it has been a really bad week. Now I shall complain!

Monday I woke up with a really bad cold. I can't touch the Xiao Bao. I might get him sick :(

Tuesday I got my cast. It's a walking one. While I was driving home (and no I wasn't wearing the cast while driving :p) I was rear-ended by a car going like 40 mph. My poor car is crushed in on both ends and I can't close the trunk ><. (I love you duct tape.)

I miss both of my art classes yesterday because of my neck and shoulder pain from the accident. Sadly, I can't paint lying down lol. It's getting better but it still hurts.

I wish all of this happened when finals weren't looming, but oh well.

I'm glad I got some great compliments about my life-drawings. I'm happy people enjoyed it.

Sorry Bemmie for telling you all on this blog. I haven't had time to call you :(

Enoch, keep going on your website. I know it will be very awesome when it is done. Frankly, if I were you now, I would have thrown the computer outside and set it on fire. Html frustrates me a lot.....which explains how ugly my comic website is lol.

Oh fun stuff to note.

What? Kanye West and Bill Plympton?

The best part is the end with "Animated by Bill Plympton" in huge letters lol.
Oh and check out the rest of the Flight comic's site. I love these people lol.

As well, the Aeon Flux movie is coming with Charlize Theron. For a while I thought wait a minute...did Peter Chung consent to this?
The poor guy had to let them make the movie in order for him to ever have a chance of making an animated movie. It may be a "sell out" kinda thing to do, but his work will get publicity and the series is out on box set now. I have no idea what I would have done in his situation.


Bemmie said...

What?? That's not good at all! I hope you are feeling better. I had a cold over Turkey day break; it was a horrible one. Be sure to get plenty of rest. . . Those aches and pains from car accidents take a while to go away. Also, let the insurance company know if you had to take time off from work. They compensate you for it.

Enoch Allen said...

First of all, lemme me say that I pray you get better. These have not been cheery times for you. I’ll try to write in as often as my schedule will let me and tell you funny jokes in order to try to take your mind off your injuries.

Oh, and follow Bemmie’s advice. In circumstances like this, we as your audience can definitely wait until you recover, which sounds like it will be a while.

Your comic website is not ugly. Because, the sole purpose is to make your comics look beautiful! I can’t imagine anyone coming to Penny Arcade or VG Cats just to admire the webmaster’s nifty coding. For a comics website, fancy schmancy HTML would actually detract from the comic’s elegance! So, you’re right on the money for going with a minimalist site. Of course, how you make it look would be up to you—I can’t wait until it’s finished. You know, just so that I can see how Page 50 of Day Dream turns out. I’m placing bets that Winsor turns gay, joins your world’s version of Chippendale’s and gets himself into a tragic situation that causes him to eat more and thus gain weight which gets him kicked out of Chippendale’s and getting kicked out of Chippendale’s leads to an epiphany which makes him realize that he needs to get his shit together and then he loses the weight and. . .his character comes full circle. Sort of.

But I already know that I’m going to be wrong about this, so I’m gonna make my bet rather small. Y’know, gotta cut my losses.

Boy, I must note that you sure didn’t complain much in your post for someone who has endured so much terrible luck. You were back to talking about the funny stuff before I had a chance to squeeze a tear out of my eye.

It is December, and I vowed to go public with it by now. That has not happened, obviously. Now, I am doing a bit of quarterbacking and say that the engine I am working on for my site is done, but the real challenge is trying to compress everything for you 56k users out there. Without compromising any visual quality. Addressing the compression issues, and some other minor ones, will delay the website’s premiere by some weeks as I just wasn’t smart enough to anticipate these hang-ups. So, it’s back to creating the “Flash. . .loading” intros to entertain you while my site is loading on your computer.

My site has tremendous depth to it. I won’t go into all of it right now, but I’ve created nine areas and many sub-areas. Then, there testing. Damn. Testing. I’m crossing my fingers with that one. Coding, for the most part, is not that difficult. It’s just that, I have to keep in mind that not all of my audience will have the equipment or the internet connection necessary to enjoy all of the features on my site (which are not too prejudiced toward dial-up users, but you guys will be able to sign in to my forum and tell me about myself and my asshat-level coding abilities soon enough). I’m trying to do the Michael Bay dance by aiming to please everybody, even if it turns out more peeps will be pissed off than pleased. Like when Jeph Jacques called the Pope—and I paraphrase—an Emperor Palpatine motherf*cker. Hope your parents didn’t see that. Heh. That why I censored the cuss.

I’m not surprised that Peter Chung made the deal that he made. Yeah, traditionally that would be called “selling out”, but more and more people (thanks to the miracles that are DVD and podcasting) understand the studio’s position vs. the artist’s position, and are saying less about it. Yeah, there still are those rabid otakus who do pretty outrageous (but funny—hilarious even!) things, but for the most we are the most apathetic generation since the postwar teens. It’s like, we all just said, “Whatever happens, WE DON’T GIVE ONE PICOLITER OF A SHIT!!!” But, if Chung gets the studio to help him with his movie, all is well in my eyes. Plus, he said that he’s committed to his vision no matter what, which is just fantastic.

Well, back to my website and a dizzying amount of activities following that. Please get well. Try to close your eyes every now and then and think about Gunslinger Girl and the upcoming Guardians of Luna cartoon.

Keith said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. I would be extra careful to avoid the cold...the shock and stress will make you more susceptible to infection.

Melon which rhymes with said...

I cope with funny stuff lol.

Don't worry Enoch. I'm feeling a whole lot better. Friday must have been a magical day. My cold has gotten much better, and my neck and shoulder pain is gone. Thanks for worrying, but I don't want to make you worry lol.

hehe I actually think VG Cats has a really awesome site. Nice and clear with a blue background. Your right it shouldn't really matter. To tell you the truth the best format to see my comic is probably print :p

What crazy predictions lol! Although the Chippendales thing is not a bad idea lol.

The only time I really complained was my break up. We Chinese are strong like bull :D Anyway I really needed to talk about the Kanye/Bill thing because it is just too bizarre lol.

Your site sounds complicated and awesome. I can imagine as soon as I pull it up, it starts to create a multi-color glow that makes people blind with joy.

Oh yeah I listened to the Toonzone podcast about Guardians of Luna. I can't wait for this show.

hehe right now I'm envisioning Prince of Persia game to heal me and allow me the power of procrastination.

Thanks Keith for your concern. Thank god for Airbourne! Good Luck on exams.

Sorry Em for not calling you sooner. Remember magical sushi!

K said...

Any new pics of chow bau?

Melon which rhymes with said...

Only the ones at the bottom of the page, but I shall post more when winter break comes.

jh said...

Sorry to hear about your recent series of unfortunate events, and I'm glad to see that you're alright. Makes my last couple of weeks seem tame. I mean, how could one be OVERQUALIFIED for a job? Oh well, got to find a way to generate funds on my end.

And don't worry about your comic site's design. At least you have one. I'm still trying to find a way to present these stories I have in my head. I've basically kept a simple, non-flashy design on my site for almost eight years focusing more on content than appearance. Eileen over at Toon Zone told me that's what she liked about TXB (the content, not the design). It's not that I can't do Flash, because I can (did an April Fool's animation one year when my site, still named CNX, was transformed into Nick X, causing many people to have a thrombosis). I just want a site that won't blow up my computer when I go to see it. Still, I believe in the KISS method, but I don't dare call myself stupid.

Anyway, glad to see you're doing better than you were. Now, get back to creating.