Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween and Randomness

Xiao Bao's costume has already come in. He's going to be a cowboy. I put the hat on him and it seemed to stay on. hehe I'll post some pics on Halloween.

I'm really behind on Halloween this year. I haven't decided what picture I should carve on the pumpkin. I'm tempted to do this VGCats template.

I'm silly and masochistic. I may even do a XXXholic pumpkin. Clamp art is sooo hard to carve lol. If it's good maybe I'll enter it in to this contest. Soo much dvds :D

And about's been almost three months since I updated it. (I'm terrible.) Well, as soon as fallbreak comes I'm going to try to make up for lost time. The problem with leaving a comic for soo long is that other ideas pop into your head that are better. I'm going to finish the comic for sure though.

I want to get an official domain...that illustrates the comics to come...kind of like a label. I really need some ideas.

Flipbook comics <---maybe
Drip comics
Label Eraser
Comic Gems
Felt Comics
Colorless comics
Coal comics
Visionary comics
Volatile comics
Ephemeral <-----maybe
Meteoric comics <-----maybe
Reverie comics ( may be taken already)

All of these names are crappy. I mean names like "Flight", "Squidworks", and "Blank Labels comics" are awesome names. Okay...Ephemeral would be an awesome name too....but it may be too serious. And Meteoric is interesting, but people may think I do sci-fi comics....(I really hate spaceships lol)

Give me some ideas wonderful bloggers!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I admit

I really want to open myself up as an individual, so just like Conan O'Brien's celebrity secrets segment. Here are my (whispers) "Secrets."

1) I really like anime and no not the tentacle stuff or Yugi-oh.

2) I saw the first three Pokemon movies in theaters. I'm not that bad. When I saw the third movie, a 40 year-old guy with loads of snacks around him giggled "Pika pika."

3) People who learn Japanese to be hip really annoys me.

4) Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Ellen stole the cookie from the cookie jar.Who me? Yes you! Couldn’t be! Then who... (I lied. I really did steal those yummy cookies and they were good.)

5) I don't know Chinese or Kung Fu and please don't call me a twinkie.

6) Moths and spiders freak me out.

7) Shopping carts are the devil.

8) I get jealous when I see really fantastic art.

9) I'm beginning to think only winning the lotto will insure my chances to go to Calarts (around $30,000 a year).

10) Xiao Bao is my new hairy chested boyfriend XD.

Now you know some of my (whispers) secrets. And yes I will buy a Powerball ticket for the 340 million jackpot. I really only want one million for goodness sakes.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hehe this year Halloween maybe more exciting than usual.

I am so bad lol. I might get Xiao Bao the Cowboy outfit and the santa hat. The pirate outfit is just too if I got the turkey outfit Xiao Bao will never speak to me again lol.

Tell me what other outfits I should consider....

Gosh now I know why some parents go crazy in dressing up their kids.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wallace and Gromit

A great and cute movie with classic wit and intelligence. I was so happy to hear that the movie made it to number one. Aardman deserved it, but they didn't deserve this :

I consider Aardman's work high art and when something so amazing is destroyed. It just breaks my heart. Just like when Edvard Munch's "The Scream" was stolen and damaged, I just felt hopeless.

Thankfully nobody was hurt in the fire and Aardman will make new creations to fill up another warehouse, but I would have loved to have seen an Aardman museum of such wonderful creations.