Thursday, April 28, 2005

Zombie Woman

These last few weeks have been a complete pain. I'm just such a procrastinator and all of my projects are gaining up one me. Need sleep ~.~But, I always have room for my interests. Muwahhaa!

My former professor Stefan Kleinschuster is opening a new exhibit at the Robischon Gallery! Some of his new pieces are online and look spectacular. Hopefully, I will have him as a teacher again in the near future.

Also, when I was still apart of The Manga Academy, I had a really nice TA named Rivkah. She always helped out and had really beautiful art. She won the Digital Manga contest and got picked up by Tokyopop. It's amazing to be published by a mainstream manga publisher. Rivkah is one of those type of people who was born with artistic ability. She only started drawing manga in 2003 and now look where she is headed.

So I guess if animation fails me (I hope not ><) then I could always try to be published or keep up my webcomic thing. I guess the art industry really relys on luck, talent, and being sweet. Best of luck Rivkah ^^

On a separate note: Keenspace is hosting this summer exhibit of webcomics called KeenSwim to help advertise for the lesser known comics (like mine ><). So I will be submiting a color page with the characters from DayDream as soon as I can. hmmm I hope I don't have to put Winsor in a bikini...that would be too brutal lol.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Well it's going to be late...

I won't be able to post the color comic until Wednesday at the latest. But I do have to say, it looks really neat ^^.

I've been so busy with my business proposal on printmaking, my sculpture project, and my kinship project that it would be impossible to upload my comic today. Ugh, I really want to get my comic rolling.

So bare with me. Finals are coming soon and all I can think about is my comic. XD


Well, I finished it sooner than I thought. Go check out the image ^^ It is really awesome. I hope people won't mistaken Sierra as Mary Jane lol. Now off to bed!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Finale

I finally put the last of The Animation Show 2005 pictures up. I used magical chalk the day before. As you can see, I was quite giddy after seeing The Animation Show.

If you haven't seen The Animation Show yet, I insist you go see it pronto at the nearest theater. I don't think you can get the same effects of the show if you see it on dvd. In Don Hertzfeldt's The Meaning of Life, the galaxy scene sparkled and bounced back and forth on the theater's walls. I don't think you can experience this unless you have a projector at home.

So go I say.

And of course, I must thank The Animation Show crew for putting together a spectacular show this year. Also, The Starz Filmcenter for bringing the show to Denver.

Friday, April 22, 2005

I simply pranced outside the theater after the show. My eyes were gushing with pure joy! And also tried to hop like a bunny. Posted by Hello

The looming screen before the show. By the time 7:15 rolled along, the theater was almost full. Posted by Hello

Chalk work before the opening. I did 5 or so around the campus.The magical chalk hypnotized some pedestrians. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Very Tired, but still warm and fuzzy

Here's My Animation Show review: Click the title above!
It's hard to review such a wonderful collection of short films. I loved it all, I can't wait until next year or at least until the dvd comes out ^^

Well, I have gotten a few comments amazingly on my Avatar: The Last Airbender post. My gosh how did you people find this blog lol? It's a great show and thanks for the comments.

There will probably be one more post to finalize my experience helping out the Animation Show. Soon, this blog will go back to me ranting and trying to direct you to my webcomic.
I'm so shameful lol.

Now I need to go to sleep...hopefully not during class lol.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Animation Show results

Great show, but how many people showed up?

Well, the 7:15 show crowd didn't sell out, but it was almost filled. Amazingly there were more woman than men in the theater. lol at the end of the program, I clapped and people did as well.

So I guess the promotion was a success. The program will continue throughout the week, and I'm going to see it again today. I'll report on that screening.

I'll post my review and pictures on Monday. I have way too much homework lol.

Congrats to my sister! She passed and will get her masters in English! Hoooray!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Animation Show Tonight!

Yay! The day has finally come! now I can leap like a crazy woman. I'm a little mad that our Denver newspapers did write their own reviews. Denver Post used a review from The New York Times while Rocky Mountain News only wrote a little blurb about it. Hopefully the Westword will write an original review ><. I guess at least I don't have any spoilers ^^. I did a few last flyer stops such as The CU Computer Animation lab and also used magical chalk to annonce the glory of The Animation Show to pedestrians. I'll post some more pictures of the premiere tonight! I'm so pressed for time lately. My college projects have piled up on me. Arghh! So I'm working furiously on them right now so I can enjoy The Animation Show. And as I am complaining my poor older sister is going through her thesis. She has to justify her paper in front of a panel of professors tonight. Best of Luck! You can read her rantings at her blog:

Gosh I'm just so excited!