Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oscar Short Animation

Oscar nominations abound! I was lucky and had a chance to view some of these fine titles.

Nominated this year is Birthday Boy, Ryan, Lorenzo, Gopher Broke, and Guard Dog.
I didn't get to see Lorenzo or Guard Dog(Will be at the Animation Show ^^) yet, but the one's I did see were quite interesting.

Gopher Broke was a funny short to just giggle at. It had some great moments and timing.

Birthday Boy was bitterly mysterious and surprising. The ending sort of kicks you and makes you wonder. The animation was kind of awkward and may not win because of that.

Ryan.....well.... what an odd film. A documentary about Ryan Larkin, a former animator, that tries to depict the homeless and alcoholic animator. I was hoping that this film would be more revolutionary. Chris Landreth puts himself in the film way too much. It was more about him than Ryan Larkin. I like the destructive style, but it was just to confusing. I just hope I never become homeless like this guy lol.

I have seen clips of Guard Dog, and I really hope Bill Plymptom wins this one, but I have a feeling they're going to give it to Ryan. At least he will get some neat goodies to take home.

Animation World Magazine has a great article if your interested.

And of course we all know who is going to win Best Animation Feature ^^Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Eat a wall

Emily Katrencik is doing an art piece right now that involves eating sheetrock between her studio and gallery. She is doing this for 41 days.

When I saw this, I this woman has integrity!

Is it art? Of course it is, but will her stomach think so in the end?

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Buzz Bunny revisited

Well one good thing that came out of all this mayhem...was the recognition on television of the animation community.

Amazingly, The Animation Show forum (I post daily on) got on the news twice. We are considered the outraged animation community I guess. I saw our forum on CBS Sunday Morning. It's quite amusing to see your forum on tv.

Also, new comic up ^^. I love this one!

Lately I have thinking about taking a hiatus on my comic on the month of April, but it seems instead my blog will be taking the break instead. For the month of April, all posts will be about me doing promotion and putting up flyers in Denver. I'm doing this to get people to the show and getting some Underground points for some cool stuff. Maybe finally I can get a t-shirt lol.

So look for that in April!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Are they Loonatics?

Controversy has arisen in the cartoon community. This yellow black character is not an illusion...yes, that is Bugs Bunny. Or shall I say "Buzz" Bunny?
WB has just licensed and is going to air this new show called Loonatics with the revamped Looney Tunes characters.

This is the last draw. I can handle the crappy Looney Tunes movies and even Baby Looney Tunes, but this is just sacrilegious. Baby Looney Tunes at least looked remotely liked the characters. Some say don't judge the show yet, but my gosh just look at it! I have doubt this revamp will be as enjoyable as Teen Titans or Duck Dodgers.

All I can say is thank God the Golden Collection is out.

To hear several more responses about this go to Cartoon Brew. Posted by Hello

Sunday, February 13, 2005


I just hate it when I can't work on my comics or art because of school work...lots of school work. I have no idea what I should do when the Animation Show promotion comes around. I might have to put my webcomic on the side for a few weeks, but I hate doing that especially with the word "hiatus."

I updated today with an important comic I hope you enjoy ^^

Lately some great animation and manga news have been killing me.
1. Don's animation gallery opening in California with time lapse footage of MOL
2. Clamp's signing and talk show (really a killer)
3. Their concert with Ali Project and Maaya Sakamoto ><
4. Maaya Sakamoto coming to Texas ><

Ack! A concert with Ali Project and Maaya heart almost stopped with that one. I either need to quickly move to Japan or California.

Oh well at least my beautiful Clamp artbooks finally came. North side and South Side had to be printed especially in Japan to have the most premium color and it was well worth it. It is just too beautiful for words and in the back Clamp has some how-to's, which is awesome.

Back to homework...ughhh.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year!

It's odd that this year new year falls on Ash Wednesday...very weird.

I hope this year won't turn out bad. Today I stabbed and scraped myself with sculpture picks and knives...ughh so unlucky lol

April must be a happy month...not only is The Animation Show coming to Denver, but my professor Stefan Kleinschuster is having another exhibition at the Robischon Gallery. He's has very colorful nudes that gives a feeling of body tissue and uses a palette knife to create patches of color in the figure. He is such an interesting and cynical character. I hope both shows don't overlap each other o.0

Valentine's also coming up......
May naked cupids help you and especially me lol

Saturday, February 05, 2005

So beautiful...almost

Clamp's Tsubasa Chronicle is airing in April...sadly in Japan, but this awesome picture is enough for me. Although I do think Syaoran should be a little more scratched up and dirty. For goodness sake he's an archaeologist! Plus, it would have been a good contrast between him and Sakura. What am I saying I can't even paint like this nor draw like this.
Well, I can't wait the manga has gotten better for this series, but my true love is for Basara, which I hope someday it will get picked up for a series again.

Chinese New Year Wednesday and I didn't even post any pictures. Oh well at least I'll give out chocolate money to my friends.

New comic up tomorrow...not the greatest, but I'll keep trying. Posted by Hello