Saturday, February 26, 2005

Oscar Short Animation

Oscar nominations abound! I was lucky and had a chance to view some of these fine titles.

Nominated this year is Birthday Boy, Ryan, Lorenzo, Gopher Broke, and Guard Dog.
I didn't get to see Lorenzo or Guard Dog(Will be at the Animation Show ^^) yet, but the one's I did see were quite interesting.

Gopher Broke was a funny short to just giggle at. It had some great moments and timing.

Birthday Boy was bitterly mysterious and surprising. The ending sort of kicks you and makes you wonder. The animation was kind of awkward and may not win because of that.

Ryan.....well.... what an odd film. A documentary about Ryan Larkin, a former animator, that tries to depict the homeless and alcoholic animator. I was hoping that this film would be more revolutionary. Chris Landreth puts himself in the film way too much. It was more about him than Ryan Larkin. I like the destructive style, but it was just to confusing. I just hope I never become homeless like this guy lol.

I have seen clips of Guard Dog, and I really hope Bill Plymptom wins this one, but I have a feeling they're going to give it to Ryan. At least he will get some neat goodies to take home.

Animation World Magazine has a great article if your interested.

And of course we all know who is going to win Best Animation Feature ^^Posted by Hello

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