Sunday, February 20, 2005

Buzz Bunny revisited

Well one good thing that came out of all this mayhem...was the recognition on television of the animation community.

Amazingly, The Animation Show forum (I post daily on) got on the news twice. We are considered the outraged animation community I guess. I saw our forum on CBS Sunday Morning. It's quite amusing to see your forum on tv.

Also, new comic up ^^. I love this one!

Lately I have thinking about taking a hiatus on my comic on the month of April, but it seems instead my blog will be taking the break instead. For the month of April, all posts will be about me doing promotion and putting up flyers in Denver. I'm doing this to get people to the show and getting some Underground points for some cool stuff. Maybe finally I can get a t-shirt lol.

So look for that in April!

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