Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall 2011

I am now in my final year at CalArts. It seems like an eternity has passed since I was a first year at CalArts. Here is my Fall semester schedule:

FC315ALife Drawing for AnimationSechrist, Rad1.50T 7:30pm to 10:30pmPALACE
FC360Visual DevelopmentKeene, Lisa2.00F 4pm to 7pmA108
FC400A012D Character Animation IVHaycock, Randy3.00M 7pm to 10pmA116
FC455A02Advanced StoryFavela, Eric1.50W 7pm to 10pmLANGLY
FC465A02Professional Preparation IVVentura, Valerio1.50Th 2pm to 4pmA109
FE303Alternative Stop Motion TechniquesDyer, Eric2.00Th 9am to 12 NoonBB#4
FE360Intermediate Concepts of Stop MotionBrooker, Musa3.00Th 7pm to 10pmBB#4
FE361Art of Animation in Czech TraditionFurniss/Hobaica2.000am to 0am
TP030-08Sewing BasicsPotter, Karen2.00F 10:10am to 12 NoonCOSTUM
TP607History of FashionMickelsen, David2.00M 9:40am to 12 NoonD309

As you can see, I added a lot more stop-motion classes this time around. It's hard for me to grasp my change in focus since I came in wanting to do more 2-D animation. I still love 2-D, but I don't think it is my strongest asset. I'm not the best draftsman. I like putting in holds more than I should while animating.

I feel like every year I change my emphasis a little bit. I did more CG last year and tried modeling in Maya for the first time. It's interesting but I miss feeling a real object. I will still keep animating in Maya for practice.

I'm finishing my blog post about my trip to Prague over the summer. I got to meet some amazing stop-motion studios and individuals there. It might be the reason why I changed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hi there blog

I'm sorry I haven't been updating my blog. I look at the amount of posts, and I only posted 3 times last year? I feel very shameful about that. I decided to post a little bit about my third year film Preservation. I'm very fortunate this year to receive advice from Thurop Van Orman and Phil Rynda this year. A lot of elements from my film has changed for the better because of their advice.

The first two images are boards from my film.  I'll leave it at that since the film will be online at the end of May (crossing fingers). The third image is the first color script for my film. I'm trying to finish the emotion and location changes of my script this weekend. I want my backgrounds to be done in watercolors this year. This digital work is going to help me with my color choices. Hopefully, all of this isn't too ambitious...hehehe.....0.o

And now I want to end on a random note for this post. I usually have the most fun in my non-major classes. I think it's because my focus is on learning and not the pressure of being exceptional in it. I am certainly a very bad puppeteer lol.