Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I'm so poor now!

I love Christmas. I finally have the chance to buy all the manga I can carry. I think I bought around 10 so far...which means $100! Now I know why artists are so poor ><....darn you manga obssession! Sorry I've been pretty lazy with my webcomic. The holidays have swept me away from my computer!! Although I'm pretty sure no one reads it....yet. So procrastination is allowed!

Oh I also wanted to add that this new picture above is from my spiffy new digital camera . So more pictures to come! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tis there

My webcomic! Terrible resolution, but much better at the website: Posted by Hello

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Almost there ^^

This week has been a struggle. I have finals, but I really want to get started on my webcomic site. The agony! Well, I compromised and worked a little bit on it over the weekend. So a new page is up

Please bare with me...the comic gets least I think so :p

Man, who knew websites had so much work in them. I need to make a banner, buttons, title image, and much more....yes more.

At least I figured out the beast known as the scanner.

If this comic gets successful , I'll probably make a tutorial in how to scan the darn thing. 300 dpi is very important and later softening the image really helps.

So definately more updates next week and shopping

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Comic Semi-up

Okay finally Keenspace has set up the comic. Whooo hooo! However right now the page looks pretty pathetic. I really need to start fixing stuff up...adding buttons and all that jazz. The darn comic is not even centered lol. So I believe my comic "DayDream" will official be up around the holidays.

You can check out the progress here:

Ack! Now back to homework and finals. ><

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Keenspace delay

Well I decided to sign up to Keenspace and see how it goes. The only problem is I have to wait a minimum if seven days for processing. Ack! Oh well, I was hoping to set up the site this week, but I think for sure it will be ready during my Christmas break. I also have to figure out how to build the darn thing too.

Finals is coming up

Wish me luck!

Monday, November 22, 2004

From Legend of Basara not the manga Posted by Hello

Basara Addiction

Never in my manga reading life have I ever read such an addicting manga. I'm usually a Clamp fan...a prolific Clamp fan. I have most of their works.

But one day I saw an ad in the back of my X/1999 book. I read the summary for Basara, and it was quite intriguing. A girl who has to become "the boy of destiny" and take her dead twin brother's place. She falls unknownly in love with the Red King who killed her village and her brother.

I looked at the cover and it wasn't impressive, but after I finished the manga, I had to buy another and another. Now my wallet is empty and I'm only at Volume 5 of 21 I think. I even stopped buying Clamp for a while to fill my need for Basara. I'm starting to also look at Yumi Tamura's other books like Chicago and WildCom.

Maybe someone should create Basara Addiction Anonymous. I would join.....well.....maybe after volume 6 ^^

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fall Break Comic

The time has finally come. I promised myself to launch my webcomic during my Thanksgiving Break.
I already have inked 30 pages worth, but clean up on my tablet is still needed.
I haven't yet decided whether to launch my own site or go to I like the idea of a pre-existing template to post my comics easier since I'm such a novice.
Plus, I'm also worried about copyrights, but will see how things go.

What is the name of the comic you say? Well that is yet to be decided sadly ><, but the "tentative" title My Beautiful Dream. I haven't really found the right name yet. It's a manga inspired, Basara inspired, knick-knack of a fantasy comic.

I might also post on the site my school newspaper comics, Breakfast at Tivoli. Also a short Chinese comic I had in mind called Dim Sum.

So a hodge podge of comics hopefully on the way next week.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Incredibles saved my week!

Well, after such a disapointing election week and a bad week in general, I really needed a break.

I've looked forward to The Incredibles ever since I heard Brad Bird was going to direct and write it. I love Brad Bird....literally worship. I saw Iron Giant opening weekend when it first came out. Yes, I was one of the few who saw it in theaters. Ever since I watched Iron Giant, I just couldn't get over how important this animated feature was to film.

So from the get go I had high expectations for Incredibles and I wasn't disapointed.
3-D usually has problems with depicting the human being. They always feel like cold shells and robots, which is why I advocate 2-D animation soo much. Well, Incredibles stuck my foot into my mouth. The caricatures and movement of the characters felt completely human. I didn't feel any mechanics at all in the movie.

It has been so long since I've seen a movie that a really had fun watching. This film is eye candy and contains a great story!

Go see this movie and even more important go buy Iron Giant Special Edition DVD or watch it if you haven't.

Fun fact: Brad Bird does the voiceover for Edna, the fashion guru! Simply perfect and hilarious!

Thursday, November 04, 2004


As you can tell I haven't been blogging much since I created this account.

However, when I looked at my comments today I saw that jh posted a comment.
I've always loved The X Bridge site and jh opinions. I'm a little giddy that he saw my crappy blog a long time ago since I view his opinions superior to mine. I'm not worthy!

Go visit if you love animation and anime ^^

Thanks for the comment Jeff! Keep up the great work!


Many blogs have already posted on this, but I wish to use my own as an outlet.

I voted for Kerry as did many, and it was my first time voting. After voting, I proudly stuck the "I Voted" sticker on my chest. I finally could vote and have my voice be heard. However after yesterday, I just feel so empty now. I couldn't figure out how could the American people re-elect this president again. How could they dissmiss the mistakes in Iraq? The jobs lost and the people lost in the war (Iraqis, Americans, and our allies). Are people blind to fear? Did they forget what's really going on?

People who voted for Bush often told me "Bush was the lesser of the two evils." Lesser of the two evils? Sending thousands to war without just cause isn't evil? The abuse to the Iraqi people isn't evil? Banning the happiness of two homosexuals isn't evil?

I can't tell what's truth or justice anymore. All I am now is just anger. Thank goodness the President can only have two terms.

Thank you blog for being an outlet for my rambles. Now I can get back to college and my hopes for a better America.

Monday, June 28, 2004

New Reasons

Well first blog....I don't know who will read this or who would even want to lol.

A little info:

Occupation: Soon to be college student at University of Colorado at Denver.
Goal: Become an animator and revitalize the 2-D animation industry.
Favorite food: Food? I love food!
Obssession lately: Ragnorak Online....takes up a lot of time ^^
Permanent obssession: Drawing and Art History (I love Venus of Wilendorf!)
Ethnicity: American Chinese...sorry don't know any Chinese except food
Advice: "Sway like the gingko flower" and "Fill your mind with whimsy"

Well more info later and maybe even a web comic site someday....since most of them have been doing well lately. ^^