Thursday, November 04, 2004


Many blogs have already posted on this, but I wish to use my own as an outlet.

I voted for Kerry as did many, and it was my first time voting. After voting, I proudly stuck the "I Voted" sticker on my chest. I finally could vote and have my voice be heard. However after yesterday, I just feel so empty now. I couldn't figure out how could the American people re-elect this president again. How could they dissmiss the mistakes in Iraq? The jobs lost and the people lost in the war (Iraqis, Americans, and our allies). Are people blind to fear? Did they forget what's really going on?

People who voted for Bush often told me "Bush was the lesser of the two evils." Lesser of the two evils? Sending thousands to war without just cause isn't evil? The abuse to the Iraqi people isn't evil? Banning the happiness of two homosexuals isn't evil?

I can't tell what's truth or justice anymore. All I am now is just anger. Thank goodness the President can only have two terms.

Thank you blog for being an outlet for my rambles. Now I can get back to college and my hopes for a better America.

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