Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fall Break Comic

The time has finally come. I promised myself to launch my webcomic during my Thanksgiving Break.
I already have inked 30 pages worth, but clean up on my tablet is still needed.
I haven't yet decided whether to launch my own site or go to I like the idea of a pre-existing template to post my comics easier since I'm such a novice.
Plus, I'm also worried about copyrights, but will see how things go.

What is the name of the comic you say? Well that is yet to be decided sadly ><, but the "tentative" title My Beautiful Dream. I haven't really found the right name yet. It's a manga inspired, Basara inspired, knick-knack of a fantasy comic.

I might also post on the site my school newspaper comics, Breakfast at Tivoli. Also a short Chinese comic I had in mind called Dim Sum.

So a hodge podge of comics hopefully on the way next week.

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