Monday, November 22, 2004

Basara Addiction

Never in my manga reading life have I ever read such an addicting manga. I'm usually a Clamp fan...a prolific Clamp fan. I have most of their works.

But one day I saw an ad in the back of my X/1999 book. I read the summary for Basara, and it was quite intriguing. A girl who has to become "the boy of destiny" and take her dead twin brother's place. She falls unknownly in love with the Red King who killed her village and her brother.

I looked at the cover and it wasn't impressive, but after I finished the manga, I had to buy another and another. Now my wallet is empty and I'm only at Volume 5 of 21 I think. I even stopped buying Clamp for a while to fill my need for Basara. I'm starting to also look at Yumi Tamura's other books like Chicago and WildCom.

Maybe someone should create Basara Addiction Anonymous. I would join.....well.....maybe after volume 6 ^^

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