Thursday, March 31, 2005

Crazy week, but Animation Show almost here!

Soon it will all be worth it. I never knew putting up flyers would be such a hard job....especially when your doing it by yourself.

So far I have put up posters on 25 boards, and I will soon put some in the computer animation building. As the comic says, I have been having problems of people either putting their stuff over the posters or the posters just simply vanish. It is quite a mystery.

I can't wait! Next week the Animation Show comes! Hopefully, I helped get some info out there.

And yes, I did cut my I guess my profile picture isn't really me anymore. I hope this cutting hair thing will lead to my Animation Show guys to cut their hair lol.

Wrote a little comic about my adventure! Click on it to make it easier to read. Posted by Hello

Close up of the poster after it ripped apart the other competition :p It used it's samurai skills! Posted by Hello

While putting up flyers in the Plaza building, I had an odd feeling that I was in Color Theory class with Color-Aid. The squares are haunting me I tell you! Posted by Hello

I put posters anf lyers on the four sides. However, as of recent those other pesky promotion people are covering my stuff. Curse them! Posted by Hello

Superman must have been in a rush to see The Animation Show. Posted by Hello

I often had to dangle the poster to fit on the board. It was so brave. Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring break craziness!

My spring break this year seems more like a day than a week.

Phew, a lot of homework to do, art projects, and promotion work to get done. Colorado's weather is not being very nice to me either.

I managed to stop by a couple more places to hang posters for The Animation Show.

All C's Collectibles....I managed to put a poster up on their soda machine.
Buy Me Anime....left a lot there.
Gimmie Anime....a whole lot there lol.

So hopefully maybe some anime fans will come and visit the show.
Sunday or Tuesday I will be probably doing the whole campus. My gosh, it's going to be a long week.

I inked a couple of pages for my comic, but I really have been adding more pages than inking. Now I really know why I like drawing rather than inking.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day 1 of Extreme Flyering

Well...I guess it's not that extreme. I think Friday was a success!
Here are the places I managed to get into:

The Market
Starbucks ^^
Big Dog textbooks
The Egg Shells and Incredibles Cafe
Wahoo Tacos
Sugar Beat Cafe
Pharmaca: The Integrated Pharmacy
Common Grounds
Tattered Cover
Meininger's :Art supply store
Comic Book Store....darn I'm forgetting their name right now. They were really nice too!

Denver is tricky. Your not allowed to hang posters on polls and most of the surrounding places are really chic and don't allow posters. Our city amazingly is pretty clean. This promotion would probably be easier in a college town.

Next week I'll hang some more in other bookstores and anime stores.
Most of the main promotion will be two weeks before the opening at The University of Colorado at Denver. I will flyer all of the buildings and place flyers on food court tables. Also the handy chalk will be needed on the sidewalks.

Enjoy the pictures!

Colorado loves putting flyers on benches. This was at the Egg Cafe. Posted by Hello

Wow these pictures aren't very organized. This is the screen. It will be gleaming with pure bliss when April 8th rolls around. Posted by Hello

I was very pleased that I got a poster in a Starbucks. Take that Corporate America! Posted by Hello

Took this picture last month while watching the French Animation showcase at The Starz Film Center. Hopefully, I can fill up these seats for all 14 showings. Posted by Hello

I found this Renoir wall painting while I was putting up flyers. I was amazed by their large hats.  Posted by Hello

What is more peaceful and full of zen than watching The Animation Show? Definitely not Atkins that's for sure. Posted by Hello

It's weird the only place I could find to set down some flyers in Wahoo Tacos was next to the "Drunkard: Bar Life" magazine. Rob would be proud lol. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Operation Flyer My Butt-Off

Well, tomorrow begins the day when I will start promoting for The Animation Show. It will be madness, pure insanity, and busing...lots of busing.

Sadly, I have no crew to help me out except my family lol, which have already done a fabulous job at their workplace.

I've started dropping flyers in some places already (these are probably the weirdest places to flyer in Animation Show history).

1. Micromedex (A drug index company where my father works)
2. Rose Medical Center (Where my mom is a nurse at)

And astonishingly people were really excited and interested! So I guess people in the medical profession love animation. Who knew? :p

Tomorrow I'll hit the surrounding stores on my campus, Larimer Square, 16th Street Mall, and Broadway street.

As for the campus itself, I will flyer immediately after Spring Break. This will allow the flyers to be left up for 2 weeks before the show begins. On campus, things get covered up very I'll have to wait to promote there.

I'll post pictures when available and leave comments if you want to ^^

Sunday, March 06, 2005

FTP down

For some reason, I can't connect with FTP this week, so the comic will be up as soon as possible. Darn. It was a good one too lol.

Keenspace has been having some I bet it isn't just me.

Man, my FTP makes strange noises. It makes the "oh oh" noise when I make mistakes. It's laughing at me!

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Avatar: The Last Airbender

I'm jealous lol. This show is the perfect mix of Asian culture and adventure. I'm just mad somebody beat me to it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is about a journey of three kids that helps Aang fulfill his duties as an Avatar and stop the Fire Nation from taking over the world. However, the Avatar is just a 12 year-old boy who loves playing and riding various animals like Koi and penguins. He gains help from a girl named Katara, a waterbender, and her brother Sokka who is a goofball.

Prince Zuko is from the fire nation and is trying catch the Avatar to be accepted by his father. And man is this guy buff lol. He is aided by his Uncle who is calm and loves Asian food!

This show is amazing. It's not some pseudo anime and has unique qualities of it's own. the animation is beautiful and the choreagraphy is great. You can really tell they consulted with Chinese martial artists.

It is airing now at Nickelodoen on Fridays 8/7 c. Go see it and keep this show on the air because it is simply beautiful.

This would probably be my last post about my interests. In the next month, it shall focus solely on The Animation Show. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Crazy week already?

Well, I was right ^^. Ryan won Best Animation Short and Incredibles won Best Animated Feature, but Incredibles also won for Sound Editing!
Plus, Edna Mode made a little appearance that was just hilarious. I still can't get over the fact Brad Bird does her voice

Animation Show is constantly on my mind. When should I flyer? Where can I flyer? Will the show sell out?

I'm either going to start this weekend or next weekend. I just have too much homework. Also might do a risky move. I might flyer the campus two weeks before the show. People have a short attention span, and I'm worried if I put the flyers up now they will be covered.

All in all, I just can't wait. I get overly excited, and I hope I don't scare people away :p