Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day 1 of Extreme Flyering

Well...I guess it's not that extreme. I think Friday was a success!
Here are the places I managed to get into:

The Market
Starbucks ^^
Big Dog textbooks
The Egg Shells and Incredibles Cafe
Wahoo Tacos
Sugar Beat Cafe
Pharmaca: The Integrated Pharmacy
Common Grounds
Tattered Cover
Meininger's :Art supply store
Comic Book Store....darn I'm forgetting their name right now. They were really nice too!

Denver is tricky. Your not allowed to hang posters on polls and most of the surrounding places are really chic and don't allow posters. Our city amazingly is pretty clean. This promotion would probably be easier in a college town.

Next week I'll hang some more in other bookstores and anime stores.
Most of the main promotion will be two weeks before the opening at The University of Colorado at Denver. I will flyer all of the buildings and place flyers on food court tables. Also the handy chalk will be needed on the sidewalks.

Enjoy the pictures!

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