Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring break craziness!

My spring break this year seems more like a day than a week.

Phew, a lot of homework to do, art projects, and promotion work to get done. Colorado's weather is not being very nice to me either.

I managed to stop by a couple more places to hang posters for The Animation Show.

All C's Collectibles....I managed to put a poster up on their soda machine.
Buy Me Anime....left a lot there.
Gimmie Anime....a whole lot there lol.

So hopefully maybe some anime fans will come and visit the show.
Sunday or Tuesday I will be probably doing the whole campus. My gosh, it's going to be a long week.

I inked a couple of pages for my comic, but I really have been adding more pages than inking. Now I really know why I like drawing rather than inking.

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Bemmie said...

I totally forgot that I could have taken some flyers with me to post all over school. I even have the power to get other profs to announce the event!! Maybe you should mail some to me. .. Like 30 or so??