Thursday, March 10, 2005

Operation Flyer My Butt-Off

Well, tomorrow begins the day when I will start promoting for The Animation Show. It will be madness, pure insanity, and busing...lots of busing.

Sadly, I have no crew to help me out except my family lol, which have already done a fabulous job at their workplace.

I've started dropping flyers in some places already (these are probably the weirdest places to flyer in Animation Show history).

1. Micromedex (A drug index company where my father works)
2. Rose Medical Center (Where my mom is a nurse at)

And astonishingly people were really excited and interested! So I guess people in the medical profession love animation. Who knew? :p

Tomorrow I'll hit the surrounding stores on my campus, Larimer Square, 16th Street Mall, and Broadway street.

As for the campus itself, I will flyer immediately after Spring Break. This will allow the flyers to be left up for 2 weeks before the show begins. On campus, things get covered up very I'll have to wait to promote there.

I'll post pictures when available and leave comments if you want to ^^

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