Friday, September 30, 2005

The Long Awaited Photos

Da Xiao Bao has arrived!!!

hehe it's so funny. I went to take him to Petsmart for a check-up. He was a brave little trooper. Most of the people who worked there were surprised how cute he was. He was just a little white ball of fur lol.

I got the medical papers back and they put Xiao Bao Yu on it XD. Too hilarious. I never thought he had a last name, but I guess he adopted ours. Oddly, the name works.


Yes that's a little green igloo lol. He's just eating his timothy hay and making trouble. Posted by Picasa

Had to lighten this photo to allow the inner Xiao Bao to come through. He's resting on my lap :D Posted by Picasa

Look at him strut his stuff! Posted by Picasa

An artist's angle of Xiao Bao lol. Posted by Picasa

NDK photos

Finally, got them up ^^. I'll try someday in the near future to post my autograph DVD, but it's soo precious to me lol.

NDK was a blast and I will go again next year!

lol I look chubby in this picture. You can kinda see my Chitose cosplay. (Faint) Brad touched my shoulder! He's soo nice. I must visit Vancouver someday to meet him again. Posted by Picasa

The two of them together framed up and ready for auction. If you want to buy any of these pieces, give me a comment and lots of money. :D Posted by Picasa

"Sensation" an art piece done in charcoal on bristol paper. It depicts the everlasting sensation of holding hands with someone you love...even if the relationship has ended. (Sounds like what happened to me lol.) Posted by Picasa

"Torn Between" my fanart tribute to my favorite manga right now. Sarasa on the left, Sarasa dressed up as Tatara in the center, and her star crossed lover Shuri. Posted by Picasa

I wish I was that person coming towards Brad. Posted by Picasa

Brad Swaile auctioning to his heart's desire. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

NDK experience

Wow what a great Sunday I had. This con exceeded my expectations and was wonderful. Everybody was nice and clean lol. Plus, at the last moment I got in to cosplay spirit and dressed poorly as Chitose Hibiya (the landlady in Chobits).

They had enough panels to keep me busy.
The panels that really wowed me were: I might ask for one for Christmas now. A really fun device that makes smooth color transitions and it has this odd graffiti sensation to it too :D

Meeting Brad I almost fainted when I met him (gosh I'm such a giddy dork). He was soo nice and I even got a picture with him. He autographed my Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz movie. He even drew Quatre's head at the bottom. That's about the point where I almost fainted lol. I forgot that he studied as a graphic designer. He was also the MC for the closing ceremonies. He auctioned off a Megaman inspired painting he did for the Katrina fund. I wish I could have got it, but the bid went up to $90.

Cel painting...pretty cool. I actually never thought cel painting was that easy, but now since I experienced it, I'll try to paint some more cels.

24 hour comics panel...I met two awesome comic creators Stan Yan and Ethan Wenberg. They did a voiceover of their comic and showed the 24 hour comic documentary. I joined their forum and in the future might meet up with them at the local coffee shop. They are both Denver based artists ^^.

Auction/Closing ceremony...this event really reminded me of the silent auction I had at my high school. It was very intimate and fun. The con raised $5,500 toward Katrina. Whoo hoo!

I will definately be coming back next year...even though sadly no one bought my art.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Darn it. I thought my morning class was cancelled today, but I wasn't sure. So I decided to come anyway...and guess was cancelled! (gnaws at the wall.)

Something good must come out of this.....I guess I have time to write this post. ^^

To think I could have spent two more hours with Xiao Bao ><.

Oh I forgot to pull up the NDK link.
Wow their site is quite lame lol. Hopefully Bamboo Dong from will be present. I think she's a native Coloradoan (she talks about DIA and AV's Foresberg in posts) and I always loved her articles.

I do know Brad Swaile is attending :) He's known for his voice acting as Quatre in Gundam Wing. I love his voice. I hope he will be there on Sunday.

Robert and Emily DeJesus will also be there. "How to Loathe Drawing Manga Style" is just too funny.

Now back to day dreaming about Xiao Bao. Meepers!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Figured it out

The comic will be updated one more time before I leave it on hiatus for a while. I feel a little sad and defeated because of this, but I'm just too darn sleepy lol.

Meanwhile, I will try to update this blog instead of the comic. I'll begin to upload the long awaited Xiao Bao pictures, school artwork, "Breakfast at Tivoli" newspaper comic, and other interesting stuff. lol right now my blog gets more hits than my comic.

During the hiatus, I'm going to try to find a domain so the link will be permanent. Keenspace changing to Comic Genesis really messed me up. Right now, I'm thinking or or even something completely different. I kind of want to get away from the association of anime and manga because my comics' art style may change in the future.

I'm attending my first convention on September 18. It's Denver's Nan Desu Kan (anime convention.) I'm a little scared of the fandom lol. I've known about the convention for a while, but its taken a couple of years just to admit my anime geekiness. I just hope I don't see horrible cosplay of a man in a Sailor Moon outfit (shudders.) I'm going to enter some art in the show, and I'll see how that goes. So if you're attending as well and want to give me comments on my comic or anything else, I'll be there.

I'll try to upload guinea pics tonight. Huzzah!

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Sorry wonderful readers... I added word verification to the comments. I just couldn't take it anymore after someone spammed on the Katrina post :(

It's an extra step, but at least no more spammers. I think anonymous comments can still be posted so you don't have to be on blogger.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Cartoon Brew posted this very ironic and unsettling Public Service Announcement original brought up by

Mr. Bill, the famous clay character from Saturday Night Live, warns viewers that the levees might flood and break. Bush said, "I don't think anyone could have anticipated the breach of the levees." Well, look at this PSA from 2004 and you'll know the truth.

There is no words you can say about the disaster. It is truly a horrific sight. I know Lousiana and Mississippi will someday be better than ever. Please donate anything you can...a dollar even. I just hope help it gets there in time before more people suffer.