Sunday, September 04, 2005


Sorry wonderful readers... I added word verification to the comments. I just couldn't take it anymore after someone spammed on the Katrina post :(

It's an extra step, but at least no more spammers. I think anonymous comments can still be posted so you don't have to be on blogger.

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Enoch Allen said...

Hi! My name is Alek Yufmanghani and I’m like your blog and would you be interested in buying a Fuel Radio (only $100.95! Act now!) so that you can safely place it inside you gas tank and turn it on while you’re spending your hard-earned American dollars filling your car tank up. . .

Just kidding around. Good to see fresh posts up!

I’m fortunate in that no one has felt the need to make any ridiculous ad posts on my page. Good for you for taking a stand in fighting spam.

The Mr. Bill video was funny and tragic in the same second.

Once I gain mastery over Adobe After Effects I hope to make video which rival the quality of the Mr. Bill sequence. Although, don’t expect to see me using any of my skills to mock President Bush, as some artists are finding the time to do. I would like to, but—

It just seems, like, to be a very passé thing to do now since so many are doing it.