Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Darn it. I thought my morning class was cancelled today, but I wasn't sure. So I decided to come anyway...and guess what...it was cancelled! (gnaws at the wall.)

Something good must come out of this.....I guess I have time to write this post. ^^

To think I could have spent two more hours with Xiao Bao ><.

Oh I forgot to pull up the NDK link.
Wow their site is quite lame lol. Hopefully Bamboo Dong from Animenewsnetwork.com will be present. I think she's a native Coloradoan (she talks about DIA and AV's Foresberg in posts) and I always loved her articles.

I do know Brad Swaile is attending :) He's known for his voice acting as Quatre in Gundam Wing. I love his voice. I hope he will be there on Sunday.

Robert and Emily DeJesus will also be there. "How to Loathe Drawing Manga Style" is just too funny. http://www.robertdejesus.com/htlmain.html

Now back to day dreaming about Xiao Bao. Meepers!


Enoch Allen said...

Yeah, I just clicked on the NDK link myself. The site looks like this--halfway through designing it, the webmaster went on a lunch break, came back and forgot he had to finish the site, said to himself “Ah, screw it” and clicked on the “Publish” button. Or its equivalent.

The anime girl with the wand on the registration page looks kinda cute, though. In fact, her eyes are so tiny that I’m not even sure she could be called an “anime girl”.

So, anyway, terrific news. Enjoy! Don’t get chased by too many atrociously fat, sweaty guys in ill-fitting anime getups!

Melon which rhymes with said...

Thanks Enoch. I'll be careful.

I really hope people take a shower lol.

I'll post the art I'm submitting around tomorrow...if procrastination doesn't take over.