Monday, October 23, 2006


Yup....sorry for the abscence. This weekend I'll try to post up my pics from NDK and if willing and not lazy my 24 hour comic.

I'm not sure if I announced this officially yet, but the cool opportunity that happened is...

I'm now an internet intern for The Animation Show!!! One of my jobs is to write about animators' upcoming works. I posted the first one on Jonathan Nix ("Hello" 2006).
It's all to get ready for Year 3!

I hope everyone bought the Bitter Films Vol 1 dvd. It was truly awesome to behold ^^

Thursday, October 05, 2006

300 NDK

Martial art Spartans...awesome graphics...and Frank Miller...
What more could you want?

NDK is this weekend...although I may have to compromise in order to finish my printmaking project, but I'll definitely be there for Saturday and Friday. Come see my participation in the 24 hour comic presentation.

I'm a little sad my friend Will won't be there. Everytime we try to meet it is foiled lol.

I'll give a little report on the con.

And a report on was so beautiful. Let me just say 3 Damien Hirsts, Janine Antoni's famous "Lick and Lather", and a very sophisticated installation "Engi."

I will say nothing about the exploding anime chick. :p
Tales of Ba Sing Se - Iroh's story

The creator's tribute to can tell a certain part of the episode his voice changes. I'm assuming that's the voice of the replacement. It was pretty close to his tone, but it just didn't have that hoolow growl. Rest in peace Mako!