Thursday, October 05, 2006

300 NDK

Martial art Spartans...awesome graphics...and Frank Miller...
What more could you want?

NDK is this weekend...although I may have to compromise in order to finish my printmaking project, but I'll definitely be there for Saturday and Friday. Come see my participation in the 24 hour comic presentation.

I'm a little sad my friend Will won't be there. Everytime we try to meet it is foiled lol.

I'll give a little report on the con.

And a report on was so beautiful. Let me just say 3 Damien Hirsts, Janine Antoni's famous "Lick and Lather", and a very sophisticated installation "Engi."

I will say nothing about the exploding anime chick. :p

1 comment:

Enoch Allen said...

Yeah, that anime chick was kind of interesting, to say the least. *making cat noises*

300 is gonna be awesome. I can't wait to see what Zack Snyder will do with Watchmen. More Frank Miller movies need to be made, STAT. That guy has wicked awesome creativity.

Glad you had a DAM good time, Melon. That's the last time I'll be writing corny, painful sentences with DAM in them.