Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tales of Ba Sing Se - Iroh's story

The creator's tribute to can tell a certain part of the episode his voice changes. I'm assuming that's the voice of the replacement. It was pretty close to his tone, but it just didn't have that hoolow growl. Rest in peace Mako!


Enoch Allen said...

Three Iroh videos, three times the fun!

On a serious note, that Avatar segment was one of the greatest sequences of animation ever created. The voice work, to call it outstanding, would be an understatement (with the exception of that spot you were talking about, when the voice changes) but, I honestly can't recall when I've heard a voice break (from crying) in a story meant for children, pulled off that convincingly. Really great stuff.

Melon which rhymes with said...

lol youtube kept dying on me

...geez it took so long to post

Yeah, that episode was just perfect.

jh said...

I look at Avatar and think to myself, "Man, there hasn't been an original American action show with such fluid animation, great storytelling, and excellent characters since Samurai Jack," and that's a damned shame. Not so ironically, Mako was a cast member of that show as well.

Animation is a great medium, but Americans (both the viewers and the executives) fail to realize that it doesn't always have to be used to sell scat or to insult the viewers with booger, butt, and fart jokes, anti-adulthood messages, and endless insults. It can tell a good story, and I think that on the large part, American animation is missing that. This segment, which I am now upset that I missed thanks to the return of Doctor Who, showed just how far the medium can go, outshining 99% of what's out there with those five minutes alone.

Thank you for sharing that.