Saturday, September 30, 2006

24 hour marathon

Updated throughout marathon:

9:30 pm-Start time of course after Avatar

11:47 pm- Couldn't resist petting Xiao Bao

12:16 am- Geez I have about four pages penciled. For the first time, my story might be too short to fit 24 pages. I feel like I'm already stretching it lol. So watch out for monologues!

1:37 am- On 8th I'm bad at this. I already have the urge to sleep.

2:30 am- 9th page....I'm starting to think in gibberish. I'm definitely a dinural animal. I'm beginning to think I have a disadvantage since I started at night. I'm taking a snooze til 7:30 am. I'll be behind about 3 pages, but I'm hoping my inking skills won't fail me.

9:50 am- Well, past the half mark.....I'm really behind now. I'm on the 10th page. I had to drive with my sister to an interview. Hopefully, I can get some work done before I get to the gallery. Now working on 4 hours of sleep ....><

11:01 am- On page 14,I finally picked up some speed. Geez, I'm sure making a damn depressing story, such a drama queen lol.

11:34 am- Only 11 pages to go....seems a lot but the last couple of pages are going to have wider views...yes cheating. this might be my last post for a while. Don't know how tied up the computer will be at the gallery.


10:00 pm- included driving time

hehe I finished! I was very exhausted and had to bring in my sister to erase lol. Thanks to the Squids for such a great time. I'm prinitng my comic for NDK, so if your there buy!!! I might also be doing a powerpoint narration presentation on the comic on Saturday at 4pm. Don't worry...I'll post it after mid-terms :p

On a final memoriam to a voice actor...look above.


Anonymous said...

...sounds like what all of us do when we get assigned quantum mechanics homework. If I have to calculate the energy of a particle in a box one more time I might break takes forever.

Anonymous said...

Ditto. . . but with lit. If I have to sort another Deleuzean infinite repetition, I'll cry. . . .

Enoch Allen said...

Reading nereidblue and Bemmie's postings have made me much more grateful that I am only dealing with quarterly charts and graphs, invoices and profit/loss sheets.

Keep going, Melon! I'm sending you a great burst of energy your way.

Enoch Allen said...