Friday, September 01, 2006

Scream with glee

Word came across all art classes around the world...The Scream is found! A lot of people thought this artwork was truly gone, due to the fact this painting was made on cardboard. Oslo police recovered close to two years from the date it was stolen.

It's quite rare for a piece of art to be recovered. What is rarer is the irony and just bizarre coincidence that follows this recovered work.

Just last week M&Ms made a promotion to give 2 million dark M&Ms to the person who recovers the stolen Munch. Many thought this promotion was just for show and a guarantee for the Mars corp. to never have to deliver their promise. Then boom...the work is returned lol.
M&Ms is keeping their promise. If it is truly the missing Munch, Oslo police gets to have lots of M&Ms.
See...there is a sweet reward for bringing back give me back those Rembrandts!!!


Bemmie said...

Woo-hoo!!! Two million dollars and two million M&Ms!!!


Enoch Allen said...

That's gonna make for a hell of a stomachache at the end, eating 2 million M & Ms at the same time.