Sunday, August 27, 2006


Whoo hoo! Here's my entry for Nan Desu Kan's Anime Artistry contest. Not sure if I can beat last years, but I really had fun with this. I used watercolor pans to create the color.
I haven't named this image yet....and yes Heidi is a terrible name for it. I got inspired by Earthsea...lots of goats in that book lol.

Back at school as well. I have a little cart with me to help move my art supplies. I look dorky, but my back is very pleased. For those who care, I'm taking Printmaking I, Watermedia I, Advance drawing, Intermediate Life drawing, and Contemporary Art History.

Great things are starting to happen in Denver. We FINALLY have our own Claes Oldenburg sculpture!


Anonymous said...

Looks good, but I think she needs a couple socks stuffed somewhere...she's a little 'deflated.'

Melon which rhymes with said...

There's no wonder bra in sheepherding lol.

I actually tried to not make the chest too my poor drawing I guess sags a bit.

Enoch Allen said...

Maybe, in your next submission to the contest, you could send her to the cosmetic surgeon's office!

Bemmie said...

How pastoral! It's awesome. You're very good with watercolors!

Marcos Cohen said...

I like the colors. Very quite illustration