Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Their workplace

I'm not surprised Mokona is wearing a kimono lol. In press pictures and in their art, she always wears a kimono. And well the bottles of wine.....that's CLAMP alright.


The goddesses of manga are coming to Anime Expo this year. I can only imagine the attendance this year will triple and fans are lining outside just to see this quartet.

I'm extremely jealous to those who get to meet them. I have almost every manga that is available in the US. Their work is an addiction. From their lavishly drawn works to their intriguing storylines, it is nop wonder CLAMP is known throughout the world. The most miraculous aspect is that for more than 15 years four women worked together (without any assistants) to create such work. To accompilsh this for most of their career they lived together and only just recently moved out seperately.

I hope CLAMP has a nice time and visit the US again soon. Maybe in Colorado?

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Sadly I agree completely with this review:

Something was really missing from the film. The main meaning of the film was to step back and enjoy the journey in life. It's hard to really feel this when cars represents humans. All I could think of during the movie was "Man, they must have higher gas prices than us." and "Can you imagine how much pollution they have? An average 14 farts a day from these cars would be disasterous."

Go see the movie to support Pixar, but there is something missing, and it bugs me.