Saturday, June 10, 2006


Sadly I agree completely with this review:

Something was really missing from the film. The main meaning of the film was to step back and enjoy the journey in life. It's hard to really feel this when cars represents humans. All I could think of during the movie was "Man, they must have higher gas prices than us." and "Can you imagine how much pollution they have? An average 14 farts a day from these cars would be disasterous."

Go see the movie to support Pixar, but there is something missing, and it bugs me.


Patrick said...

So it was lacking huh?I had a feeling.It's not easy to breathe life into automobiles.From what I gather, many reviewers either really loved it, or felt it was lacking but not horrible.But ratatouille looks promising, and brad bird is a part of it.I was looking forward to that one more than cars when I first heard about it.


Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah, there is a teaser trailer of Ratatouille before the film. I think it is online now to.

I feel the same way too. Brad Bird can do no wrong lol. Thank you for commenting ^^

Patrick said...

Well, I took a look at it ealier yesterday, and what you said was true.Not a BAD pixar movie.More like a solid but not great pixar movie.And the Ratatouille trailer looks great, especially in HD 720 :)


Kevin T. Rodriguez said...

So you're saying you don't really like the movie, but see it to support Pixar anyway? That's no reason to see a movie. Though, just for the record, I liked "Cars," and in my opinion "A Bug's Life" was Pixars first real disapointment, but eh.

Rabbiteer said...

Is it me, or does Windsor have a huge erection?

Melon which rhymes with said...

I support Pixar even if the movie wasn't that great for me. Since John Lasseter is the big honcho at Disney now, another Pixar success will allow him to greenlight other films that could be hand drawn.

So I cross my fingers for a blockbuster hit. Thanks for the comments :D

rabiteer: I know where you live. What are you looking down there for anyway? :p