Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Their workplace

I'm not surprised Mokona is wearing a kimono lol. In press pictures and in their art, she always wears a kimono. And well the bottles of wine.....that's CLAMP alright.


Enoch Allen said...

So glad to see your writings again, Melon.

It's a long story (me being off the 'Net for a while), but I'm currently engaged in a massive endeavor. These past eight weeks or so has been all about getting the Road Runner guys to ready my cable connection for hi-speed internet (which, thankfully, was completed this afternoon--7/17). And now, this 18th, I am at last able to post on your blog.

It sucks that CLAMP is not gonna be showing up anywhere in Texas anytime soon. I'd take pics of them with my phone/camera, try to lift them & post them on the 'Net. And, what's this about you posting VIDEOS on your blog now? Holy crap, Melon!

Will check in later. :)

Melon which rhymes with said...

lol setting up any electronics is difficult. When my tv broke, I had no tv for a couple of weeks. I had withdrawl lol. I also noticed more crickets and wind sounds.

yeah...I'm addicted to You Tube now. Such ridiculous amounts of videos in a split second.

Summer has been a pain....I shall post on this matter soon lol.

Glad everything is fine in Texas. I would look at all the landmarks seen on King of the Hill. Big Tex!!!

Enoch Allen said...

Rarely do I leave second comments on the same entry, but news of your woes has compelled me to.

Summertime should usually be a time when you cut loose, have fun and create memories. My summer has been less than ideal, but many great things have still come through for me, thanks to some rather perceptive and forward-thinking individuals. And my father, who is on the other side of the country right now.

I just got done reading one of your friend’s entries on Cars. He did mean that one of the main characters looked like he was sporting “an erection”. That just brought out the 12-year-old in me. I laughed so hard, I spat blood. I haven’t seen Cars yet (for shame, I know) but look forward to doing so this weekend (and hopefully not the weekend after this one). And yeah, I’m gonna see if I can’t spot the erection as well. I’m bad. Woo-hoo!

Anyway, don’t forget to update your devoted readers on the status of The Xiao. You have got to get that guy a special edition Superfly coat. Guys sell some weird ass shit online, shouldn’t be too hard trying to spot apparel made especially for guinea pigs. You might have to pay visits to a couple search engines, plus some auction sites and enter a crapzillion passwords to get to ‘em, but a picture of Xiao in pimp attire is worth a trip to the ER, brought on by incessant and uncontrollable laughter.

Itching for your next entry, Melon.