Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A lot of craziness has been going on lately. This weekend the Squidworks crew is having a 24 Hour comic Marathon at Capsule Gallery. It is a week ahead of the official date due to NDK being on that same weekend. So if you're in Denver come and watch me become a zombie. The sad thing is I have to start earlier than everyone else due to DAM opening. Pedestrians will get to see the side effects in advance. I'll post my comic ASAP after the event.

The Denver Art Museum opening is a gigantic event. I heard the new contemporary wing is fantastic. Who knew Clyfford Still and De Kooning was in storage this whole time? I'm really curious to see how the slanted walls affected some of the paintings. As you can see it is rather slanted :p

In addition, you may see some design changes on this blog. An awesome opportunity has arised that requires me to post on another journal. So this one may become experimental to improve and work out anything on the other blog. I'll tell you the good news once I make my first post ^^.


Enoch Allen said...

Awesome! I tried posting a previous comment here, but that one was lost. Somehow.

Hope you can tell us more about that DAM awesome opportunity!

Melon which rhymes with said...

lol it's a damn awesome opportunity, but alas not the Denver Art Museum.

The secret has a lot more to do with animation.

Muwahhaa...I'll just keep people guessing :p