Tuesday, September 20, 2005

NDK experience

Wow what a great Sunday I had. This con exceeded my expectations and was wonderful. Everybody was nice and clean lol. Plus, at the last moment I got in to cosplay spirit and dressed poorly as Chitose Hibiya (the landlady in Chobits).

They had enough panels to keep me busy.
The panels that really wowed me were:

Airbrushing...wow I might ask for one for Christmas now. A really fun device that makes smooth color transitions and it has this odd graffiti sensation to it too :D

Meeting Brad Swaile...lol I almost fainted when I met him (gosh I'm such a giddy dork). He was soo nice and I even got a picture with him. He autographed my Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz movie. He even drew Quatre's head at the bottom. That's about the point where I almost fainted lol. I forgot that he studied as a graphic designer. He was also the MC for the closing ceremonies. He auctioned off a Megaman inspired painting he did for the Katrina fund. I wish I could have got it, but the bid went up to $90.

Cel painting...pretty cool. I actually never thought cel painting was that easy, but now since I experienced it, I'll try to paint some more cels.

24 hour comics panel...I met two awesome comic creators Stan Yan and Ethan Wenberg. They did a voiceover of their comic and showed the 24 hour comic documentary. I joined their forum and in the future might meet up with them at the local coffee shop. They are both Denver based artists ^^. http://www.squidworks.com

Auction/Closing ceremony...this event really reminded me of the silent auction I had at my high school. It was very intimate and fun. The con raised $5,500 toward Katrina. Whoo hoo!

I will definately be coming back next year...even though sadly no one bought my art.


Enoch Allen said...

This may be the longest post I have ever read on a website authored by Melon.

24 hour comic panel!?!?! What, did they sit there for all 24 hours and. . .ewwww! A 24 hour documentary would be pretty tough to sit through, but it is possible. After all, I suffered through Ken Burns’s Jazz. That’s bad enough.

Good for you for meeting Brad Swaile! I thought he had left the voice business for good. I learned of his artistry skills specifically from—your website! I didn’t know he was an accomplished artist, before I read your Swaile experience. Gotta look into that sometime.

Should’ve had someone take a picture of you as Chitose Hibiya. Your readers can use a couple of laughs!

Almost every artist has a tale of no one buying their work. Keep hope alive! One day, you will be great enough to have your work sell out completely.

Still waiting for your Xiao Bao pics! Too-de-loo!

Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah pretty long post lol...although The Howl's Moving Castle one was quite long.

lol the 24 hour documentary was cut down to 30 minutes...so it was bearable lol.

Yeah, Brad Swaile is so awesome. He hasn't done as much voice acting as many others because voice acting is a part time job for him. He doesn't get paid enough so he's a graphic designer on the side. His voice is thankfully a lot deeper than Quatre's voice lol in real life.

Well, I have the upper half of my costume in the pic with Swaile. I'll probably post it.

My work wasn't as good as some of the others...I mean the other's were really good. One was a triptych of the anatomy of a fantasy character. Quite awesome even though they had to cover some of it. Geez...they can allow boobs, but no male crouches.

Yes, the Xiao Bao pics will come.
The major delays were because:
A. Homework
B. Computer is cranky
C. My Xiao Bao pics just don't show the essence of his cuteness.

Don't worry they will be up soon ^^