Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Almost there ^^

This week has been a struggle. I have finals, but I really want to get started on my webcomic site. The agony! Well, I compromised and worked a little bit on it over the weekend. So a new page is up

Please bare with me...the comic gets better...at least I think so :p

Man, who knew websites had so much work in them. I need to make a banner, buttons, title image, and much more....yes more.

At least I figured out the beast known as the scanner.

If this comic gets successful , I'll probably make a tutorial in how to scan the darn thing. 300 dpi is very important and later softening the image really helps.

So definately more updates next week and shopping


Bemmie said...

Whoa, nice blog! I should get my own going one of these days. . .
Also, I have to say, "Nice job" on your web comic. Good show! I like the idea of living through your dreams. . . after all, perhaps reality is also a dream??

Melon which rhymes with said...

Thanks Em ^^

Thank Keith! He really helped although the site still gives me trouble.

I always live in a dream....there I go daydreaming right now. If only I had a hot guy in my dreams ^^.