Sunday, February 13, 2005


I just hate it when I can't work on my comics or art because of school work...lots of school work. I have no idea what I should do when the Animation Show promotion comes around. I might have to put my webcomic on the side for a few weeks, but I hate doing that especially with the word "hiatus."

I updated today with an important comic I hope you enjoy ^^

Lately some great animation and manga news have been killing me.
1. Don's animation gallery opening in California with time lapse footage of MOL
2. Clamp's signing and talk show (really a killer)
3. Their concert with Ali Project and Maaya Sakamoto ><
4. Maaya Sakamoto coming to Texas ><

Ack! A concert with Ali Project and Maaya heart almost stopped with that one. I either need to quickly move to Japan or California.

Oh well at least my beautiful Clamp artbooks finally came. North side and South Side had to be printed especially in Japan to have the most premium color and it was well worth it. It is just too beautiful for words and in the back Clamp has some how-to's, which is awesome.

Back to homework...ughhh.

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