Friday, February 18, 2005

Are they Loonatics?

Controversy has arisen in the cartoon community. This yellow black character is not an illusion...yes, that is Bugs Bunny. Or shall I say "Buzz" Bunny?
WB has just licensed and is going to air this new show called Loonatics with the revamped Looney Tunes characters.

This is the last draw. I can handle the crappy Looney Tunes movies and even Baby Looney Tunes, but this is just sacrilegious. Baby Looney Tunes at least looked remotely liked the characters. Some say don't judge the show yet, but my gosh just look at it! I have doubt this revamp will be as enjoyable as Teen Titans or Duck Dodgers.

All I can say is thank God the Golden Collection is out.

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Bemmie said...

Check out for his riff on those psycho, sharp looney tunes. . .