Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hehe this year Halloween maybe more exciting than usual.

I am so bad lol. I might get Xiao Bao the Cowboy outfit and the santa hat. The pirate outfit is just too if I got the turkey outfit Xiao Bao will never speak to me again lol.

Tell me what other outfits I should consider....

Gosh now I know why some parents go crazy in dressing up their kids.


Enoch Allen said...

The pirate costume (ah matey!) looks pretty cool.

Then again, the birthday hat is less humiliating.

Poor Xiao. You’re just being mean to the poor little critter now, aren’t ya?:)

Make sure you give him loads to eat and other little goodies afterwards, y’know, for being such a good sport. My biggest nightmare would be if my guinea pig started speaking to me in this John McClane voice—“You’ve tormented me—forced me to wear all those costumes! You’ve got hell to pay now, mitter licker! Take this!”

Come to think of it, that sounds a little like Xiao Bao attempting to imitate Charles Bronson. . .

Melon which rhymes with said...

Xiao Bao has a DEATH WISH! Ba ba bum! Charles Bronson is ultra scary for Xiao Bao to imitate...he could probably imitate his hair but that's it.

Yup he is going to get lot of love and treats galore! I may not be ultra mean and may just get the hats. He would look so cute as a Cowboy lol.