Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I admit

I really want to open myself up as an individual, so just like Conan O'Brien's celebrity secrets segment. Here are my (whispers) "Secrets."

1) I really like anime and no not the tentacle stuff or Yugi-oh.

2) I saw the first three Pokemon movies in theaters. I'm not that bad. When I saw the third movie, a 40 year-old guy with loads of snacks around him giggled "Pika pika."

3) People who learn Japanese to be hip really annoys me.

4) Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? Ellen stole the cookie from the cookie jar.Who me? Yes you! Couldn’t be! Then who... (I lied. I really did steal those yummy cookies and they were good.)

5) I don't know Chinese or Kung Fu and please don't call me a twinkie.

6) Moths and spiders freak me out.

7) Shopping carts are the devil.

8) I get jealous when I see really fantastic art.

9) I'm beginning to think only winning the lotto will insure my chances to go to Calarts (around $30,000 a year).

10) Xiao Bao is my new hairy chested boyfriend XD.

Now you know some of my (whispers) secrets. And yes I will buy a Powerball ticket for the 340 million jackpot. I really only want one million for goodness sakes.


Bemmie said...

If you win, could I get a million too?

Enoch Allen said...

No, no, hope for $10 million—that way, you’ll have enough to make a really good animated film about guinea pig assassins! And scan Xiao Bao into your scanner! And compete with Miyazaki for the Best Animated Film Oscar!*

*You shouldn’t expect to win, though, in a competition with Miyazaki. After all, I sure as hell wouldn’t. =)

jh said...

Unfortunately, I live in a state without Powerball. Just Mega Millions (missed last night's $93 million by five numbers [had the 16]).

To be honest, I don't know what'd I'd do with that money, aside from pay off a few bills, set up a college fund for my close cousins, buy my close relatives and my mom new homes, and get myself a computer that's not slower than a tar-covered snail on a turtle's back in quicksand. Maybe I'd fund a couple of 26-episode series based on one of my stories (maybe that anthromorphic space cowboy series I'm just planning in comic form). I'm sure I'd think of something. (BTW, Melon, thanks for the advice on the other board about the word verificatio thing; didn't know Blogger had that option)

Melon which rhymes with said...

Phew lots of comments lol

Sorry I didn't win. One person in Oregon got the whole jackpot.

Em if I won I would give you 50 million.

Enoch, I should put guinea pig assassins on my to do list although I think ninja sloths would be amusing as well.
hehe I could never compete with Miyazaki (he is a God) maybe just Dreamworks :p

Thanks for posting Jeff. I've been reading your website since Toonami started. I'm a little giddy that you posted on my blog lol.
Heck, I would love to have Mega Millions instead of Powerball. I heard the largest jackpot around $360 million came from mega millions. Jeff I would love to see your comic someday. Yeah I got lots of spam and was going crazy without word verification. I'm glad I could help :D

With all that money I would probably pay for tuition for my whole family, vacations, set up an animation scholarship, hehe maybe I could buy an animation studio and bring back 2-D animation. Ah the possibilities...wait I didn't win...damn.

Bemmie said...

I've always wanted to setup a foundation in my name and provide scholarships for people that want to double in Philosophy and English Lit. Hehe. . . they would be forced to do my bidding!!!