Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hooray for winter break!

I'm at the home stretch! One week of finals then I'm free!

Which means no newspaper comic duties for the next couple of weeks....
I'll get the chance to update my comic finally! Whoo hoo! hehe I'll try to do this first instead of updating my blog like crazy. I really should have updated during Thanksgiving.

My sister is coming home from Wisconsin! Yay!

I love the holiday season. I'm not religious, but I just love the feeling and family gatherings this time of year.

Thanks everyone for your concern over the last post. I'm fine and my cast is coming off this week. The only problem is my dang trunk on my car keeps flipping open when I drive 0.o. I tried duct tape and bungee cords to shut it, but nothing seems to work. Colorado weather seems to be freezing everything except my trunk lol.

I got the Franz Ferdinand Live DVD. Pretty awesome. The best part is the backstage footage. One word: Franzypants.

Oh and I must add something comic or animation related to the end of this post.

If you haven't read "The Perry Bible Fellowship" by Nicholas Gurewitch, you're missing out on the morbid hilarity!
Click on the white figure for the comic archives.


Bemmie said...

Keith's a handy-dandy kind of man. . . I bet he can fix your issue! Just remind me to ask him at some point when I'm in Colorado!

Yay! finally! No more Wisconsin cold. . . soon there'll only be. . . Colorado cold! Yay!

Enoch Allen said...

Glad to hear that you’re doing better, Melon!

You should ask your sister if she knows Harry Potter. You would be just one spell away from fixing your trunk!

I had a league of funny stuff to write, but they just left my brain! I have to catch up with them. I can’t wait to see Alazar moon someone in your comic!

(Um, not that I’m, uh, er, you know, that way. . .)