Friday, December 16, 2005

Comic suggestions

Yay! Finally off of school!

As I am getting ready to update my comic, I found this neat site thanks to reading Stan Yan's comic. It is a really awesome site that has downloadable fonts to use for comic lettering and logos. I might change the DayDream logo into something more spiffy.

I'm going to start updating soon. I already inked a couple of pages.

I'm debating on saving up to buy a Mac G4 laptop. I'm usually a PC user, but I always keep hearing Macs are for artists and it is easier for plug and play. Plus the mac is compatible with some really cool programs. My wonderful readers! give me some advice on this matter. Should I dish out the moolah?

oh and on a different many of you know I'm a huge CLAMP fan. I practically have every english release and I even bought some imported artbooks. CLAMP back in the day use to have music videos about their manga: Wish, X, and Clamp in Wonderland. I managed to have seen all of them except one....the infamous and highly unseen Clover music video. Dear god somebody found it. Thank you catsuka and ChibiYuuto. A great day in Clamp fandom lol

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Bemmie said...

Hmm. .. That's hard to say. You know that both Keith and I are staunch PC people. I would definitely ask artists within your community, profs, etc. .. They ought to know the "skinny."
Or. . . is this just your subtle way of asking for an iPod??