Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I eat these words

"Comic is going to resume Monday. (i promise :p)."


I'm so ashamed of my lateness!

There is going to be a change of plans. One of my sisters thought it would be better to back log the comic to update on one day per week instead of updating all the time during break.

What day would it be? The mighty holy Sunday I use to update my comic on.

Expect a new comic Sunday!

On a sad note, a terrible accident happened near my neighborhood.

I usually go to school using this road. All of the teenagers were from Smoky Hill High School. My high school....

Rest in peace.

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Enoch Allen said...

Heh. One day a week is a pretty good idea. It gives you enough time to accumulate enough weapons to tear Captain Procrastinator’s ass up!

Sorry to hear about the crash. It’s weird that there are so many contingent stipulations for young drivers where you are (if you are under the age of 18 & you’ve had your license for less than a yr, you can’t have more than one passenger in the car, etc), but I understand that they exist to protect other young drivers from having to experience or becoming the victims of horrific tragedies like this one. Maybe other kids in your area will learn from this accident, hopefully—but what a way to learn.

Good luck with the comic! Tell Xiao Bao to cook you some food, so you can use the time you would normally spend doing that on drawing your comic (or any of your other activities that might require your attention)! Cooking can only make THE BAO a better chef!