Sunday, July 01, 2007


Black Angus!

Ratatouille is beautiful! Of course the animation is beautiful, but the story is wonderfully crafted. It brings a smile to your face. Remy's point of view is breathtaking. When this comes on dvd, a scene by scene analyzation might be necessary because the movement was flawless. I got a warm fuzzy feeling at the end of the movie. Brad Bird really raised the bar on this movie. Ratatouille may even be better than The Iron Giant.

From some of the Rotten Tomato reviews, the main complaints were they couldn't get over the rats in the kitchen concept and they thought it had too much dialogue. My goodness, the rats in the movie clean their hands! Brad Bird's dialogue is complex, but kids will treasure it when they are older. It wasn't sexual innuendo that they will soon discover, but ideas about labeling and pursuing your dream.

Go see the movie ^^

On another note, I was quite surprised whe I found out Camille did a song for the movie, which was an additional plus.

And yes, the movie reminded me a lot of my little guinea.

Now I have a hankering for some Ratatouille. Xiao Bao bring the eggplants and the zucchini!

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E.A. said...

Ratatouille, for sure, will be an Oscar contender for 2008. And yeah, you're right, it may be better than The Iron Giant.

Ratatouille is a triumph of storytelling, a triumph in every way of animation not catering explicitly to children but to adults as well.