Monday, June 04, 2007

Sir Slade

I love The Fray not just because they went to my university. So I thought this article was incredibly funny. What are the chances?,2792,DRMN_54_5567348,00.html

My favorite quote form the article:
"Sir Benjamin said he suspected the singer is descended from relatives in central England, who founded the prestigious Slade School of Fine Art at University College London.

'They were very artistic ones, so I think it's likely he's related there,' he said. 'My branch of the family were only interested in fighting, hunting, drinking and killing the French.'"

Also an interesting article deadly karaoke:

Karaoke is deadly;_ylt=Arkp3FuUNVwBsOsWYY331hjMWM0F

Yes.....when hearing excrutiating karaoke at wedding banquets, the thought of clubbing the singer has crossed my mind. I do feel bad for this fellow. The security guard should have learned to use earplugs.
Sinatra is deadly.

My goodness some of this news is right out of a movie.


E.A. said...
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E.A. said...

Damn, I really have been away for a while.

Yeah, karaoke singers invite calamity upon themselves when they attempt to sign iconic songs--and do a bad job of it.