Thursday, May 17, 2007

CalArts Producer's Show

I really had to post these. For those who don't know CalArts every year picks the top 20 or so short films and show it to producers at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood.

Here are the openings for the shows ^^

Yes there is still debate whether or not CalArts is still the place to go. Great blog that has comments about this.


E.A. said...

Another good question. Are brick-and-mortar colleges any longer worth the tuition they charge?

There are more and more art students learning now from the comfort of their own home. They have the expensive equipment, of course, but they likely used money that would have went to the college to purchase said equipment.

CalArts always will be, despite Amid's arguments to the contrary, in the pantheon of great animation schools. But time and the Internet ensures that the ever-changing post-secondary education landscape will make school administrators make a concentrated effort to cap tuition and ancillary fees. The sword is in your hands, Melon!


Melon which rhymes with said...

Yeah, the debate it's just crazy. I keep hearing CalArts is declining or not cutting edge. I think what it comes down to is the writing. It's hard to judge because most people want funny shorts and usually discount serious shorts.

I'm not a self-taught type of person. I've tried photoshop (horrible results....the buttons drive me crazy) and this summer I'm taking a class just to finally figure it out lol.

I think I've narrowed it down to three schools.

Academy of Art San Francisco
San Jose State

(I'm staying away from Savannah and Ringling because of the humidity lol)

The first two are half the tuition of CalArts but I don't think you make a short every year. Only just for the senior thesis. That's the advantage I see for CalArts. Plus the community is fantastic.

Thanks for the words of encouragement Enoch. I'll keep you updated.

E.A. said...

I believe that, once you submit said portfolio for consideration to all schools on your final list, there will still remain a strong likelihood that you'll end up at San Jose. (I hope, though, that CalArts are bowled over by Day Dream though!!!)

Academy of Art SF graduates artists of the first caliber and yet, can't seem to get them started anywhere (career-wise). Basically (according to student-maintained Live Journal blogs I've read), those who were grads of Academy of Art SF looking to break into the art and entertainment industries were doing all the nuts and bolts work themselves as opposed to being assisted by a professional, which is the proper procedure for servicing the careers of new graduates.

Any college or post-secondary educational organization that gives its students a degree, a pat on the back then abandons them to the field (along with half-assed words of encouragement) does NOT deserve your money, your time or any form of your patronage. This goes for CalArts as well (altho', they've been pretty diligent about assisting their students).

As always, get second, third, and even fourth opinions before you decide to entrust your monies and your formidable resources with one institution!

(Photoshop is a terrific animation tool by the way! I export frames produced in Max to Photoshop all the time for "invisible alteration". Gets the job done, every time, nice and neat.)