Saturday, May 05, 2007

Why Spiderman 3 why?

I went to see Spiderman 3 Friday in spirit of Free Comic Book Day (which was simply fantastic). Purely disappointed. Sam Raimi and Ivan Raimi should never be able to write a screenplay together ever again. The whole movie was full of cheese and incoherent plot and character development. I'm aggravated because the first movie was great and the second was even greater.

I really do like Tobey Maguire...but there is this really stupid scene with him dancing. I wanted dark Spiderman to be violent and not have value for life. In this movie, they just made him a complete jerk.

The cartoon did a better job.


E.A. said...

Well (and this is the only time in the comment you'll see me defend Spidey 3), to the filmmakers and VFX designers credit they did, at last include a Sandman vs. Spidey battle. Which, admittedly, looked really cool.

That was the high point of the film.

But, you're right. There's really nowhere else to take Peter Parker. If Raimi & Co. do number 4, it could turn the audiences against Spiderman.

Melon which rhymes with said...

I agree completely ^^.

The special effects and battle sequences were awesome. Harry vs Peter was the best. It's just the plot was terrible.

I just realized I miss the huge white spider on the black costume. Oh well what can you do :p

Jeff Harris said...

I never, repeat, NEVER liked Venom. I didn't like him in the comics. I didn't like him on the two series he was on. I didn't want him to be a part of the Ultimate universe. He's just an unnecessary character.

And his end was the most moronic act I've ever seen in a comic movie ever.

I really, really wanted to like this movie. But, well, it was very flawed. Some scenes were good (mostly the scenes with Sandman, now that was a great character), but most were . . . amateurish.

I hope they start the franchise from scratch come the fourth movie, and you know they're thinking of one. New cast, new characters, just give it the Batman Begins treatment, without the "begins" side of it.

E.A. said...

Yeah, Jeff, well Spiderman 4 is all but imminent.

I don't even know if an S4 is such a good idea at this point. Seems to rank right up there with, in essence, remaking 2003's Hulk with Edward Norton and Liv Tyler. That too, is moronic.

E.A. said...
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E.A. said...

Sorry for the third posting, but I wanted to post a comment Sony's Amy Pascal made in an AP article.

"I'd love to have the whole gang back," Pascal said. "We've been a family making these last three movies together, but we will be making more `Spider-Mans.'"

You can read it here (cut 'n paste):


Melon which rhymes with said...

I think I rather just forget they made a third movie. I don't want them to start from scratch again lol.

Jeff, you really didn't like Venom? My least favorite saga is when Peter Parker turned into the fuzzy spider saga lol.

Eeek Amy Pascal and Avi Arad only think about dollar signs.

Jeff Harris said...

I don't want them to start all over again. Just pretend the third movie never happened, though the damage is already done. The film will make half a billion by mid-week.

I don't like Venom. I don't like the point of his character nor the reasoning behind his character. He's almost the deus ex machina of villians just as much as Wolverine is the deus ex machina of heroes, and I'm not fond of him either.

My least favorite saga was the Clone Saga. That one probably caused me to be more of a DC Comics fanboy than any other Marvel story ever did. They basically convinced all the fans that the Spider-Man my generation grew up on, watching in cartoons, fighting in the Secret Wars, containing the power of Captain Universe (something I'd like to see adapted for television one day), and crying as Aunt May gasped her final breaths was nothing more than a clone while the "real" Peter Parker was an amnesiac wanderer who went by the name Ben Reilly and was a costumed hero named the Scarlet Spider. Then when everybody and their mother hated that scenario, Marvel returned the status quo back to normal and resurrected Norman Osborn, who had been dead since the 70s, and had him and his Green Goblin persona responsible for the whole story. And they killed off the Scarlet Spider, who really was a great character. Later on, they trivalized Aunt May's death claiming it was an actress hired by Norman Osborn impersonating her and dying at the end.

Part of that storyline was seen in the last two episodes of the 90s series, to which the "animated" Spider-Man said "That sounds like a bad plot to a comic book."

E.A. said...

And man, that was a BAD plot. As in, not good at all.

Melon, I think Avi Arad would try to make the next Spidermans much cheaper than the budget that Sony greenlit. Spending a quarter-billion on a single film should scare anyone, no matter the size of the built-in audience for the property.