Saturday, July 28, 2007

Avatar Season 3 Promo

Wow O.O


E.A. said...

Now, that's a TRAILER!

Coincidentally, I just finished seeing the trailer for the new Spiderman show soon to air on Kids' WB, and it's s*** compared to this. Like, dude, WTF??? The Spidey design looks & feels like Duane Capizzi hovered over the storyboard artist's shoulder during a concept meeting. The animation's slick--and yet the action sequences feel like they're in there to meet the minimum requirement for action in an animated, 21-min. or so length episode. In other words, the Spidey animated trailer made me more than a little nauseous.

Avatar kicks a steamliner's ass. EoS (End of Story.)


Jeff Harris said...

Avatar has always felt like a Miyazaki film serialized and told in a portable medium like television. Fluid and connected. Freeflowing, yet full of life.

Wait a sec. Fluid - water. Connected - sturdy, like the earth. Freeflowing - like a breeze. Full of life - like fire.

Nah, I'm just reaching.

Seriously, I wonder when Nick will realize that Avatar is the best American animated series on the air today. I wonder when those asshats at Techwood Drive will ever come to their senses to develop a show of that quality on their pathetic excuse for a network. They're copying the bad elements of Nick.

Might as well copy the good elements as well.