Tuesday, November 01, 2005

California cries

There is a Shojo Manga Exhibition at California State University.....dear god they have Clamp art.

Maybe I should quickly fly out to California to see this exhibit.....wait I don't have any money. (cries) I haven't been this depressed about living Colorado since Maaya Sakamoto performed at the Anime Expo. Curse you California fo getting such awesome stuff. You better go if you're in California!

Hey Em....they said it's coming to Chicago art Institute as well. (shakes fist)

That's it I'm moving to California as soon as possible.

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Enoch Allen said...

You’re right—California really is the place to be. You get to join ASIFA, participate in their activities, and network your can off. The only place where the animation scene is hotter would be Tokyo, and only then—if you know Japanese.

I know all of this, because I lived there for 2 and one-half years--and I intend to return.