Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ba gah?

Two weeks before fall break and Thanksgiving...

For some reason right now it feels like finals. I have a biology project due Thursday. I presented my speech on Japan's wartime atrocities in speech class (I always wanted to research this.)
Plus, I have a funeral for my grandfather on Saturday. (Pretty odd situation since I never knew him. I don't even remember his face.)
Also Sunday I'm going to the Squidworks meeting to do a Sketch Crawl.

This week is already turning out bad and will probably worsen until Sunday.

I want turkey really bad and I want to update my comic and blog really bad.

Thanks Enoch, Romy, and Bemmie for all of your comments. Sorry I couldn't reply immediately.

"Ephemeral comics" may be the official name of my new url. I picked "ephemeral" because my artwork is best in black and white with bits of color. Plus, charcoal is a crucial medium I will use in the future. This medium has an airy and frail quality that can really make comics fun. The name just sound so dramatic and real.

I recently saw this awesome book about Van Gogh's drawings. I was really surprised he sketches like he paints. The style is so beautiful, and the drawings have swirls and lines that seemingly map the feeling of a paintbrush. I tried this type of technique on a tree I was drawing, and it made it 50% better.

Here are some of his drawings:

"The Cypresses" just gave me chills. ^^

The Xiao Bao pictures will (cross your fingers) be put up this weekend.
hehe it's really funny. I never noticed how much he grew until my sister saw some baby guinea pigs. Xiao Bao is pretty huge now. I think he grew 2 inches. He can almost get out of the gate I have o.0. Yet, he's still just as adorable when I first got him.

Wow this is a really long post. Well, back to my art seminar paper...what a long week this is going to be and Enoch don't give up on your website!! :D


Enoch Allen said...

Never. (Not giving up, y’know, with the website thing.) Mucho gracias for your encouragement!

I’m just, currently, really working my way out of the logistical nightmare of putting together a forum, a place where all of you guys can sit back and chat about whatever, similar to the forum that Albert Walker has for his site, the Agony Booth, of which I am a proud member of. The answer to this dilemma is right around the corner, but it’s a long corner.

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. Guess your week was mighty substantive!

I wonder what Van Gogh would do if he were able to use a computer???? His images would probably take on some kind of surreal context. Like, oceans that are not entirely blue, or Smurfs who are not entirely gay, or a Mr. Incredible who is not entirely devoted to his wife. . .

I’m getting carried away, as usual. I guess my penchant for elaboration is what got me in deep with the development of my website to begin with.

Good luck with your projects! Speech class sounds exciting. In fact, I wish that while I was in Brooks, I went to speech class! Then again. . .

And now my comment is starting to get really long. Fret not, Melon, about the length of your post. I write that much every five minutes. And besides, nothing will beat the length of your other posts, that long weekend when you first uploaded the initial Xiao Bao pics. And your artwork! And your picture w/ Brad Swaile! I mean, geez! Now that was a brain-busting breathtaker!

Take care, and be sure to get fifteen seconds of sleep before you work on your own master comic/website, school, job, painting, art gallery, exhibition, animated film, letter to Bemmie, book, editorial for the New York Times and. . .and am I missing anything here?

Melon which rhymes with said...

Wow Enoch you're going to have a forum? hehe you can always use your blog as a forum.

No..not even Van Gogh himself could not mask the feminine feel of the smurfs.

Speech class is okay. I'm really shy and have lots of anxiety, but it's a good class to practice.

Enoch you do write a mile a minute lol. I was thinking...if I ever got a stable job in the animation business. I will definitely call you up to be a writer on the show ;)

Thanks for reminding me about that editorial in the New York Times :p