Monday, November 21, 2005

Big Update

Update on big update lol: Busier day than I expected. I got my MRI and I do have a fused bone in my ankle so I will get surgery when summer comes 0.o

I at least downloaded all the pictures on the computer. Tomorrow I will save them all then upload them for your viewing pleasure.

I'm sorry, but here are some Xiao Bao pics to tie you over:

Thanks Enoch. At least my leg will feel better and I can maybe ram people with a wheel chair for several weeks ^^.

Tomorrow night I will make a huge update with photos and neat stuff.

Stuff to look forward to:

New Profile pic
Xiao Bao pictures galore
Pumpkin pics
Squidworks meeting and sketchcrawl
Life Drawings

and if I get these all up with time to spare I will update my comic...although I can't color it :(

Phew, I would have updated sooner, but fall break has been rather busy. I have to get a MRI for my foot in the morning. My right foot has been aching ever since I started working. I thought I put too much stress on the foot, but I might actually have a fused bone in the ankle. This explains why it hurts soo much. That was rather too much information lol.

Let the updates begin!


Enoch Allen said...

Sorry to hear about your foot. Did you ever think about getting one of those liquid cold compress packs from the drugstore, y’know, that you put in the freezer and when you take it out and apply it to the Pain Spot it’s like, chilly as hell?

The above sounds like spam. Sorry.

But ouch, a fused bone in the ankle? Holy fack.

Can’t wait for the new updates! And, get well! Don’t take too many painkillers or you be hallucinating! No, wait. . .hallucinations are good for the artist!

(I am such a bad influence. . .)

Enoch Allen said...

Oh yeah, and get plenty of rest! Because, damn, your audience should wait until you feel better, at least.

Bemmie said...

Oh man! I had no idea what kind of pain you were going through! You ought to keep your sister abreast of these daily things!

Right now I'm suffering through a cold as I try to finish off my semester. blah. My goal is to have one draft done by the end of Thanksgiving break and to continue having a new draft done with each successive (or I should say remaining) week. My goal is to leave school on the 15th with no remaining papers!

You should definitely find another kind of job than where you are now. Definitely a fun, indoor job.. . no cart pushing!!!

I hope you feel better. . . and have a Happy Thanksgiving if I don't get a chance to talk to you.