Friday, May 01, 2009

A test of courage

April 20th has rolled on by and things are finally winding down for my first year at CalArts. Making a film here is a lot different than last year. The three days before films were due was the most excruciating, heartbreaking, and amazing experience. You sit in a Mac Lab for 15 hours straight with other upperclassman. As you struggle to compose your animation, you gain a strong will to keep going.

For the lack of a better comparison, making a film is like war. Everyone comes into the battle together, but not everybody makes it out. It is a bittersweet experience. I hope technical difficulties and low morale will be less next year.

My film Remember When played at the Open Show. It was a fun evening to see everyone's films. I didn't get into the Producer's Show because there were so many great films, and my film was unfinished. I'll post links to my favorite shorts this year after The Producer's Show.

I will post my film when it is completely finished.

Here's a screen shot to keep you happy lol.

Oh and yes our group won first place for PSAid contest :D


Marcos Cohen said...
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E.A. said...

Congrats, Melon! Can't wait to see your work when it plays at the REDCAT!

Marcos Cohen said...

Beautiful backgrounds Ellen!!!