Thursday, May 14, 2009

Favorite films this year!!!

I was really proud of the shorts this year. I wanted to make a list of the films I enjoyed. Nine freshman got into the Producer's Show this now you know why I was so damn nervous this whole year lol.

LIFELINE by Andres Salaff

Madame Babette by Marcos Cohen

Ad Astra by Elle Michalka

Who's Hungry? by David Ochs

Leonardo's Chase by Carlos Romero

The Thirsty Gargoyle by Sabrina Cortugno

A Werewolf Film by Noel Belknap

Study Hall by Jeff Liu

I got your nose by Skyler Page

Captured by Jennifer Harlow

Kiss Cam by Benett Kim

l'elevatore by Janine Chang

Value Blind by Tahnee Gehm

Tight Robots by Nick Desimone and Clay Fessier (I'm one of the Asian animators.)

Beautiful Night by Kristina Mikhail

This one time by Nelson Boles

This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.

There are definitely more that are not online yet including mine hehe.
What a great year!


E.A. said...

That much, I agree (the part where you said it being a great year).

I eagerly and anxiously anticipate seeing your short, Melon!

Sabrina said...

Still can't stop watching Nelson's.... *sigh* DX

Art Fan Ako said...

I'm from Santa Clarita and it feels great Cal Arts has all these talented students. No wonder their graduates end up working in the industry.