Wednesday, April 01, 2009

PSA Entries and film update.

For Hobaica's Color and Design II class, we entered a Public Service Announcement contest to promote that "Cash is Best" when donating for international disasters. I think the judges will pick the top five and have the public vote for the winner.

Vote for whatever PSA you like the best. Thank you and I hope you enjoy them!

Both PSAs are up for viewing. Please post links to them and share them wherever you can as part of the voting is influenced by the number of views and comments.



Right now, I'm in crunch time. I've never had so many all-nighters in my life. The process of making your own short film is an amazing learning experience. It is exhilarating and painful at the same time. April 20th is the due date for the Open Show and qualifying for the Producer's show. I know right now my film will not be as complete as I want it to. Clean-up is a long process and I want to give a little extra to the performance of my characters. I'm a little depressed it won't be shiny complete by the Open Show, but I will work on this over the summer and polish it up for festivals in the fall.

I must be a choo choo train and climb up that mountain. :D


E.A. said...

Chuga-chuga-chuga! Keep on keepin' on Melon, as my aunt Emma always says!

Sabrina said...

Wow, I reeaaally like Dragon!
If only my film looked that complete. :(

Only one week left! can we make it???