Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thesis Postcard

My fancy postcard!

Come if you can to my thesis reception and see my work!


E.A. said...

Unfortunately, my nephew was being born in New York at the moment, so getting to Denver from there would have been a wee bit difficult. . .

But I hope you post pictures! Should be exciting.

Jeff Harris said...

Wow. I remember my senior show. I can't believe it was six years ago though. Needed it to get my diploma. Never had a show of my own. Never even displayed my artwork anywhere. But it was a fun experience. Saw what I could do (had acrylics, oils, ink, print, charcoal, mixed media, and 3D artwork, essentially the best of what I had and a few new pieces).

Again. Didn't sell anything until after the show (I did sell this one painting for about $150 [it took me a couple of days to do, I didn't want to cheat anyone]), but it was a fun experience. Hope your show will be great a well.

Don't know if I congratulated you on being accepted at CalArts. I still wish I had the chance to go there myself, but I was needed here more. Still needed here.

Remember to be young, have fun, and do what you like.